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How Did This Slip Past Me?

Though my access to E3 was limited since my 1000 channel cable just didn't seem to get G4, I tried to follow along online by catching up with livestreams. But somehow, this game, Murdered: Soul Suspect, seems to have slipped by me without notice. I haven't seen anything on it or seen posts about it up until a Facebook post by IGN this morning. 

Can I just say this game looks COOL! I am very big on original ideas like the 1940's set LA Noire and the supernatural love story between Ellen Page and her ghost friend in Beyond: Two Souls, but this really takes the cake. What an original idea to think up an entire game based on a detective's spirit fighting to find his killer from the afterlife. And it's designed beautifully. It's almost like finding a movie on Netflix not many people knew existed that really gives blockbusters a run for their money. 

All I have been hearing about (without trying) has been Watch Dogs, Grand Theft Auto V, Outlast, Destiny, etc. It's nice to see something fresh. There's nothing I love more than a good detective story, but throw in paranormal influences and you've got me hooked. 

I posted the reveal trailer below, but there's also a gameplay demo trailer you can check out.