Tekken Revolution recently went free on Playstation Network. Being a running fan of fighting games like Streetfighter, Mortal Kombat and of course, Tekken, I knew I had to take advantage of it. After playing it with my boyfriend for a couple days now, I'm not so sold on the game itself and not sure I ever would've paid money for it. 

My first problem with this game is there is no local versus mode. I love kicking my boyfriend's butt in fighting games only because I am the master of button mashing, and we are always looking for opportunities to play against each other. But Tekken Revolution does not support this function. Although you can play people online and friends with other PS3's. But I'm not about to go buy a second PS3 just so I can play Tekken Revolution against my friends in the same room. Every time I sit down to play this game, I think about how badly I want to throw a Tekken party and how it will never be possible. 

Second, the layout and workings of this game are more like an online Facebook game rather than a console game. You get a limited number of "arcade coins" to play Arcade Mode and after that you have to wait for an hour or so until another coin regenerates. This is the same for Online Mode as well. You get a limited number of coins until they run out and then you have to wait 30 minutes. Why? If I were to buy this game, I want to play it. I am having a hard time finding the meaning behind this strange gameplay. The thing is, you can't "buy" Tekken Revolution anywhere. It's like a free mobile game that makes money on the in-game purchases. You can purchase more coins to play more arcade and online mode. It's an interesting tactic, but I'm not sure I am sold on it. 

I will say despite these two setbacks, we are having a blast upgrading our characters and playing online. We watch each other play and spectate fights while we wait for our turn. I get my butt kicked a lot, but it's still fun. I'd say Tekken Revolution is definitely worth it, you just need to be a little more patient when waiting for coins to regenerate.