The following article is solely my opinion backed up with statements I have heard from E3 and online news articles and is not in any way "inside" knowledge. 

I remember when I got my first Xbox. It was the Halo Reach Special Edition Xbox 360. I was a freshman in college. Everyone at my college had an Xbox, either to play Halo or Call of Duty together, among other things. I remember sitting in my friend's dorm room watching him play F.E.A.R. for the first time in the dark. The Xbox introduced me into the gaming world and made me who I am today. But as of now, I will never be an Xbox fan ever again.

When comparing the XboxOne and PS4, they seem pretty similar in some cases. They both have 8 GB of RAM. But the PS4 has DDR5 RAM and the Xbox has DDR3 RAM. Already the PS4 is leading in power. by a bit. Not only that, of the 8 GB of RAM, XboxOne only uses 5 GB for gaming while the PS4 uses all 8 for gaming. This is because the Xbox has to be online all of the time and needs that extra 3 GB to keep it going. For more in-depth facts on the specs of each system, check out this sweet article. It comes to state that, "The PS4, with its one, big block of fast RAM, and bigger GPU, probably has the edge." Not by much though, as I understand, but it is somewhat of a lead. 

I can tell you, from talking to people in the gaming community and people around me, everyone is pissed, to put it bluntly. Because Xbox will not allow sharing of games (rules ans regulations for "sharing" games here), this completely eliminates any video game rental store that has been surviving the Netflix/Hulu era. And it also hurts GameStop and other used video game stores. Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Because XboxOne's brand new games might cost around $100. UPDATE: XboxOne games were priced at $100 at online retailers like Gamestop and Amazon initially, which is what caused the rumor, but they have been changed to standard pricing. You can't sell them when you are done with them, you can't share and sell them to friends (really, unless you abide by the rules) and you can't salvage them. You buy it, you beat it, and you are done or you play it again. In my opinion, I think this puts Xbox behind the PS4 a little bit. 

On the other hand, the PS4 WILL allow you to share games and WILL allow you to rent games and buy used games to play on it (E3 announcement of that here). They have a huge upper hand on this one and I think that's why a lot of people are siding with PS4 right now. It's a full-on war in the gaming world. Also, the PS4 will not require a constant internet connection like the XboxOne. A constant internet connection, like the Steam platform, is needed to play games for the XboxOne. It's all great on Steam when I have Steam right on my desktop (and my desktop stays put and is always connected to the internet), but when I can move my Xbox from place to place and I happen to be in a cabin in the woods, I can't play games? I go on vacation and I can't play games? Charter is a crap service and my internet goes out for days, I can't play games? I am in the middle of moving and can't get internet until next week, so...I can't play any games? Microsoft's Don Mattrick stupidly states that, "If you don't have an internet connection, well that's what the Xbox360 is for." Really, Don? you want us to buy the XboxOne or not? I'm confused here... Why didn't he support the notion of constant internet connection? Check it out for yourselves here and you make the call. 

It's great that you want to have all sorts of whizz's and gizmos, but save that for the smart phones and tablets. The Xbox may be part of a major corporation that can withstand anything, but my main point is I think they are losing the gamers a little bit, in my opinion. So many people, in the gaming world and out, that I have talked to are converting from Xbox to PlayStation.

Xbox has been trying to copy PlayStation Plus and offering two games a month for free. The problem is, PlayStation Plus offers newer games for free. Xbox 360 offered Fable III, the trial for the new system (it will be two games after this month instead of just one). The thing is...Fable III was was released way back in 2010, so people most likely already have these games. I feel they are trying to do the same thing as PlayStation Plus, but just not as well. 

In the end, a lot can happen in six months. Who knows who will come out on top. Though Xbox has its loyal fans, I feel like the PlayStation 4 has pushed its nose ahead in the race with its gut-wrenching blows to Microsoft. The below official PS4 commercial is just one example of these blows.

I guess I want to know what your guys' thoughts are? I am interested to see what everyone else is thinking about this issue. 

NOTE: All of the above sources are the SAME sources I used for the article previously. I am just actually posting them now since no one believed I was right earlier, for some reason. Please remember this is a personal blog and this article is my sole opinion based on the sources. Thanks.