For a videogame to be great, it has to be great in all aspects. From gameplay to graphics, all aspects need to be great to make a game great. One of the more important aspects in a videogame is the story. Over the years, we've had some remarkable stories that have unfolded in front of our eyes. As time goes on, things seem to change. Yes, storytelling in videogames is great as it is, but could it change? I say yes, but let me explain. Instead of get rid of the old, I want to add something new.

Titanfall | Hands On: Mecha Gonna Break Ya

 Think about it, how many videogames out there today our either FPS or a game with guns and swords? Quite a few. Whether it's good or bad, I'd like to see something new being added. I'd like to see something that hasn't been touched on a lot. A genre that many wonderful movies have been categorized under. I'm talking about Drama.

 By this point you may be saying, "Oh dear god please NO" but why not? As we've seen over the past couple years, more and more great videogames come up that aren't ultra violent or even violent in that matter. A good example is Gone Home. Gone Home was a small videogame that came out last year and you had to explore to figure out the story. While it was short, it told a beautiful story that I wasn't expecting and never been told in a videogame before. Yes, Gone Home was somewhat of a puzzle/exploration whether than a Drama, but that's one successful videogame that proves a game can stand on its own with just a story.


 Another example of great storytelling is Heavy Rain. While Heavy Rain is violent at times, it told an intense and powerful story that had you guessing. We've seen a few thrillers in gaming but not many. That what made Heavy Rain so great. It was a new approach in storytelling that hasn't happened that much in the videogame industry yet.


 At the same time, look at the movie industry. Look at all the successful dramas and thrillers there are. 12 years a Slave just got Best Picture, was a critically acclaimed  success and was the Drama. I loved the movie and to actually have the chance to branch out Solomon's Northup's life would be great. Of course, some dramas will be a bit darker than other, 12 years a slave being a fine example, but some videogames out there today are great, but are darker than others.


Even books have been made into movies. A lot of content have to be cut out sometimes from books to movies because that would be too long. In a videogame, the whole story could be played out to you. Shawshank redemption was a great movie, great book, and I think a great videogame if we had the change to explore the story. More like an interactive story kind of like Heavy Rain. Plus look at the Metro series. The Metro series so far has been quite successful so far. As great as that game series has been, why not try more.

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 Now it's just a question could it work? While it's no guaranteed yes, but it could. You've seen many videogames try to be something great, but turns out to disappoint. Everything is like that. Not every idea you think of will be perfect, but why not try to see. Interactive dramas and thrillers are, in my opinion, the next big thing in story telling in videogames. While we will keep on seeing to many First Person shooters every year, and videogames that really people don't ask for and that's ok. Let them keep coming. You don't destroy something to improve it. You add new layers, and this is a layer that I think needs to be added in videogame storytelling.

 What do you all think? Should there be more drama/thriller based videogames? Why or why not? Thank you all again for reading aond commenting. Hoped you all enjoyed. Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,