When I was a kid, I always loved to play PS2. I had a blast. The only thing was, I couldn't play anything over E10+. Teen was a no, and M was out of the question. Why? The ESRB rating. As I'm older now, I've been able to play anything I want. Then I started to think again the ESRB rating, and think is there any use of this anymore?

 I mean everywhere we look; kids are being able to play violent games. For example, what's the typical stereotype of Call of Duty players online? It's usually either Jerks or 10-12 year old kids. Why? Sure the multiplayer isn't that violent, but that big M in the front means something. Is Call of Duty the obsession? You can throw Halo in there to. If call of duty was much more sci-fi, and didn't come out every single year, you'd have Halo. Parents are like oh, this seems fine, and just buys it for the kid. Why?

 Just the other day as I was tutoring, this kid kept asking me about Minecraft. I think he has a minecraft obsession, but anyways he was telling what he had on his Christmas list. Let's remember, he's in 4th grade. First off was Minecraft on console, then Call of Duty Ghosts, and finally a small game called GRAND THEFT AUTO V! That wowed me. That instant made me give up on ESRB. I mean it's like letting a 6 and 10 year old play The last of us. You might say that didn't happen, but it did with my cousins.

 The saddest part of it all is why the buy the game. Do they really take time to go through the story? No. They head straight to the multiplayer, or go around, blow stuff up, and steal cars. Apparently these parents don't care about the rating. Just as long as little Johnny is happy, he can blow up whatever he wants. Not everything of course.

 Of course, I'm not the one to wine myself. I mean sure, I didn't play my first T game until 12, but I played my first M at 13-14. I didn't wait, and neither did my brother. Nearly every game I went through, he was there to watch. Of course, there are some moments when I tell him to close his eyes but not many. I've always played for the story of a game, and that's how Jordolo is. He's actually not like most mindless 12 year olds. He looks at the creative story like I do. Sure he's not exactly like me in my views of story, but at least he cares about it.

 Let's just say then that the ESRB rating means nothing. Just some stupid letter in front and behind the Game case. Then, why is everyone complaining? Videogames apparently equal violence to some people. People say videogames are bad, they're never any good, I don't want my children seeing this stuff. That's when I laugh my guts out because that letter in the front actually means something. Stop saying that videogames are the problem.

 I mean I believe that videogames are art. I may not believe every game is art, but it's true. People worked very hard on one game not to get blasted because it's too violent. It's the developers own right to speech in their game, and that's the same in movies, but yet movies don't get blasted. Sometimes they do yes, but why not as much as videogames? Because whenever a concerned parent walks into their child's room and they're shooting someone to death, it scares them. They think that videogames are evil.

 Of course there's nothing wrong for waiting, and for some it's ok for starting early. It's just what does that letter mean? Most games that come out are usually, well at least for me, M. Of course there's some T and E games in  there, but as we've advanced in our culture, ratings seem to be ignored. The ratings apparently mean nothing. I'll end with this analogy: if you're not going to listen to the signs, don't complain if you're car get destroyed when you drive off a unfinished bridge. So what do you all think? What does the ESRB rating mean anymore? Does anyone really care? Thank you all for reading and commenting. Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,