A couple weeks ago, my friend codforlife and I had a little conversation. By the end, we decided we'd both do a Q&A witheach other. So I answered first. Now it was his turn to be answering the questions.

1. How do you feel about violence in video games, and how do you think we, the gaming community as a whole, can stop non-gamers from looking at violence in video games so badly?

I think that violence in video games as a whole are okay, as long as it's explained by the story. But, that doesn't mean that games where the violence isn't explained(Bulletstorm) is any less fun to me.To get people to stop looking at violence in video games so badly, I think we need some great facts to back up what we say. If we have some very respected scientists backing up what we say about the violence in video games, than I think that less and less people will show the hostility towards violence in video games.

2. How do you feel about each of next generations consoles(Xbox One, PS4, and WiiU)?

The WiiU has already sort of disappointed me. Not to say that the console is bad, but just that it doesn't seem to me that they've tried too hard to release big name games until just recently. The PS4 will do very well, and looks to have a good number of impressive games to keep Sony fans happy. The Xbox One will also do very well, and, in my opinion, to best of the three consoles.

3. How do you think movie licensed games should be made to be actually good, instead of the mediocre of just horrible games that we've received for the most part.

Take more time to develop them. Even with great devs, you can't make a great game in five months. Take at least two years to make an acceptable movie licensed game. And have talented teams on top of that.

4. What games do you want to see a sequel to that hasn't happened yet? And what games do you not want a sequel for?

I really want to see a sequel to Bulletstorm, because I'm having a ton of fun with that game right now, and yet, there doesn't seem to be too much of a future for it. I really don't want another Assassin's Creed game, because I feel that they are being forced on us at this point.

5. What games would you like to see rebooted?

I really want to see Earthbound rebooted. But, I would also like to see COD take a break, and then get a reboot. That franchise has run it's course for now, so a reboot would be really nice.

6. How do you feel about the case of Justin Carter, the kid who got arrested for the post he put up on a League of Legends forum on Facebook?

I think that he deserved punishment, although I think that being put into prison was a little harsh. What he said wasn't funny, although he clearly intended it to be. But, as I have previously stated, I don't think that prison time was necessary. They could have done something to him to scare him, to really make him realize that what he said wasn't a joke.

7. Did you buy Killzone 3? And, if you did, did you enjoy it?

I didn't buy Killzone 3, actually. But, I did get to play it at a friend's house. I really enjoyed it. If I had to critique it right now, I would probably give it a 9.25(the score that Bulletstorm got, but didn't earn).

8. What game got the most attention from you at e3? What game got the least attention from you at e3?

The game that got the most attention from me at e3 was The Division. I'm really excited for what that game brings to the table. I'd have to say that the game that got the least attention from me at e3 was Project Spark and Disney Infinity. I have already tired of hearing about games like Skylanders, and Project Spark just couldn't spark my interest, even though I know that it was trying.

9. What game has disappointed you more than any other?

Medal of Honor(2010) disappointed me greatly. I was expecting a great game from a franchise that I originally loved more than even COD. But, it obviously didn't live up to extremely high expectations.

10. Last question: Describe the following things for how you would develop a game: amount of time in actual development; multiplayer or no multiplayer; when you would release it(which month, and better yet, which day); whether you would make a sequel to it if it was successful.

I would spend at least 4 years in actual development, with about a year more for other parts of the game that have to be sorted out. I would probably have multiplayer in it, but it would matter on whether it was a sci-fi shooter or a military shooter. I would release it in July, on July 5, because usually there aren't that many games in the summer months, so this would be able to really get into it's own. I would probably not make a sequel, because I feel personally that that's too easy to do. Instead of making a bunch of sequels that I don't want made, why not make that dream game? That's a question that's easy to answer, in my opinion.

  That's it. Thanks goes out to codforlife for the idea, and answering the questions. Hope you guys enjoyed it. What do you think? Agree or disagree with codforlife answers? Thanks again, and Adios Amigos!

Your amigo,