We all learn many things all the time. Whether it be useful info, or info that doesnt help at all. We learn all the time. Today, I'll be looking at some facts that you probably don't know about gaming. Whether it be hidden detail of a game, or the voice of a character. Some of these might be new to you, and some might not. Lets hope they're new.

Did you know that in the whole Call of Duty series, you've played as 88 characters?

Did you know Booker Dewitt had fought in The Battle of Wounded Knee?

Did you know Heavy Rain takes place in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania?

Did you know Steve Downes (The voice of Master chief) was also a DJ in L.A from 1978-1992, and has his own radio show?

Did you know that Planet Earth, Children of Men, and 28 days had a huge role in developing the story of the last of us?

Did you know the guy who voices Zoran Lazarevic (Graham McTavish) in uncharted 2 also voices Charlie cutter in Uncharted 3, and Dwalin in the Hobbit series?

Did you know you can find Captain Price in Call of Duty 2?

Did you know the guy who voices Lee Everett (Dave Fennoy) also voices Ronald Taylor, Jacob's father in Mass effect 2?

 So, how did you do? Now be honest. If you didn't know any of these, then you learned a few things today. If you knew all of these allready, then I have failed. Hope you all enjoy, and Thanks. Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,