As I've been discussing this week if videogames should be movies, I don't think so, but if they are I want them executed the right way. To actually make a good videogame movie. Yesterday, I picked 10 characters from 7 games and told who I thought should play them in a movie. What about the director? Who should direct the movies? So, I have my picks as to who should direct videogame movies. It's the same games from yesterday, but Metal Gear and The walking dead have been removed, and I added 3 more games. Here's who I want directing my videogame movies.

The Coen Brothers directing Red dead Redemption


 What can I say about the Coen brothers? They're easily the greatest directing duo in Hollywood. Easily hands down. What's an honest bad movie they've made? I can thinnk of any because these guys make some of the best characters and some of the best stories in Hollywood. Look at Fargo, The Big Labowski, No country for old men, True Grit(Remake). Those are great movies. Then you have a western game with a rich and wonderful dark story of the west, and you have easily one of the best videogame characters, who wouldn't want the Coen Brothers directing this movie.

David Fincher directing Heavy Rain


 David Fincher has had a great career directing, and this is the ideal movie for him. He showed he's great with crime thrillers with Se7en and The girl with the dragon tattoo. Some might say Heavy Rain might not be crime, but it is a Thriller. I would love to see David direct this movi because I know it will be an edge of my seat thriller that will notdisappoint.

Quentin Taratino directing Borderlands 1 and 2


 Quentin Taratino has been one of the greatest directors the last 2 decades. With hits like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and most recently Django Unchained. His movies are also known to be violent. Borderlands series is 1. violent, and 2. crazy. If Quentin had to choose one videogame series to do, I would think Borderlands series because that seems to be the best bloody, insane movie for Quentin to get his hands on.

Christopher Nolan directing Bioshock Infinite


 Christopher Nolan had made some of the best movies this decades. Wheather it's sci-fi, superheros, or thrillers, this is the man for the job. Bioshock infinite mught be more matured then most of his movies, but this would be great. You'd see great writing, great visual effect, and a bioshock infinite movie we deserve. Christopher Nolan hasn't really made a crappy movie. You know going into one of his films, you're going to watch something great. Bioshock infinite is great, and I'd love to watch it.

Joss Whedon directing the Uncharted series


 Joss whedon is a great director who can make a great action movie with great characters, and funny, witty dialogue. I mean look at the Firefly series and The Avengers. Though having him director defeats my point a little. Who would he choose as Nate? Nathan Fillion. Not saying he's bad, but I think Bradley cooper would be a much better Nathan Drake then Nathan Fillion. In the end though, it doesn't matter because if you have a great action director like Joss, the movie will be a great action movie with funny dialogue and great characters. Just let this movie happen allready.

Steven Spielberg directing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series


 These are the perfect match. Both were really good, and at the top of there game, but have gone down some over the years. Now call of duty has overstayed it's welcome, but seeing what steve did with Saving Private Ryan, My favorite War movie, I could really see this work out. Plus he even help make the original Medal of Honor. Leaving his thought about videogames being art aside,he would do a really good job directing the series.

Zack Snyder directing God of war series


 These 2 have made some of the most violent moments in both of their categories. Zack is known for a bloody movies like 300 and Watchmen. God of war is known for brutal execution. This could be a match made in heaven. I'm very interested how Zack will make Kratos in his film, but with special effects, and some bloody violence, this could easily be one of Zack's greatest movies.

The Coen Brothers directing The last of us series


 Once again, the Coen brothers would make a masterpiece out of this one. With a tense dark story, and with unbelieveable good characters, this would be great. I also say them again for the last of us because of Josh Brolin. Since he is play as John Marston and Joel, and the Coen brothers are allready directing Red dead redemption, this would be the perfect project for the coen brothers and Josh Brolin. They might change it so it's a survival thriller. I wouldn't mind. I just know if the Coen brothers tried to make a last of us movie, I can gurantee youit will be something speical.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed my who I want directing my videogame movies, and my blog yesterday of who should play my videogame characters. So what do you think? Agree or Disagree with any of my picks? What games and game characters do you think I should do next? Thanks again everyone for reading and commenting. Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,