Earlier this week, I debated if videogames should be made into movies, and if movies should be made into videogames. I still don't think they should, but it'll still happen. To make a videogame movie, you need the right actors, and the right director, and the right staff to actually make a good videogame movie. So, today, I'm giving you my opinion as who should play these characters. Some of these choices, you've might've seen before, some might be new. Here's who I want playing my videogame characters in a movie.

Blair Underwood as Lee Everetts from The Walking Dead


 The walking dead was quite a surprise for me, and one thing that really got me was Lee. He had great dialogue, and was overall a well written character. I had to have him on here, but who would play him. Blair Underwood of course. I mean look at the picture. If blair had a lttle more hair, and a more beard, he'd be perfect for him. He even sounds like him to. If you don't know who Blair Underwood is, he's a actor who's known for being on L.A Law, has a new show called ironhide, and the Event. If you know what the event is, then wow. Only my dad and I are the only ones I knew that watched it. Back to the topic at end, this be the perfect role for Blair. I wish that would happen.

Josh Brolin as John Marston in Red dead Redemption


 John Marston is easily one of my favorite videogame characters of all-time. Another well written character, and overall a stone cold-killer. Since he's one of my favorites, I want him played right. Who else to call then Josh Brolin. Josh brolin has been in numerous role including No country for old men, True Grit remake, and Men in Black 3. Josh has always been one of those guys who I wanted to be in a western, but the western movies are dying out. Red dead redemption was actually a western game that didn't suck. With a little longer hair, maybe a little makeup, and a beard like John has and boom. Perfect adaption of John Marston to the Big screen.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Kratos from the God of war series


 You might laugh a little, but I think The rock is the perfect person to play kratos. The rock's acting carrer started in the WWE, and then went on to be actuallly a pretty good actor starring in movies like The scropian king, Rundown, Snitch, and Pain and Gain. You need someone who is big, tough, someone thats's not to old, and not to young. Of course it comes down to The rock and Vin Diesel. Vin can't act to save his life. Yes, there's going to be alot of makeup,  but with the right gear and th right makeup, you have kratos on the bigscreen. That would be great.

Bradley Cooper as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series


 Your probably saying allready Nathan Fillion, and I say please lord no. Nothing wrong with him. I mean he has Nate's charm, but if I want a uncharted movie, I want it done right. Brad is well built, looks like him, a pretty good actor, sounds like him, and in my opinion the best person to play Nathan Drake. Bradly cooper is mostly known for the Hangover series and the Silver Lining Playbook. At one point, Bradley was set to play him, but the the project fell apart. If only this would got hrough because this is the perfect videogame movie. If it ever does go through, I'm hoping Bradley Cooper is on board.

Christian Bale as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear series


 This one was tough because I had either Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman will be coming up soon, but overall, I thought Christian would play as a better Snake. Christian Bale is known for being batman in the batman series, and the move The Fighter. I don't know why, but I think Bale would be perfect for the role. They definitly have to fix him up a little for the role, but if I had to choose someone to play Solid Snake, Christian Bale would be my Pick.

Josh Brolin as Joel in the The last of us series


 Yeah, I have Josh Brolin playing 2 videogame characters. Why? ecause once again, he's perfect. I did have him and Gerald Butler up for joel, but I think he sounds like Joel more, and looks like Joel more when he has his beard. Joel was very well developed who had great dialogue. He was performed perfectly by Troy Baker. If Josh brolin had a shot at him, I think it'd be a home run.

Finally, I'll do the cast of the Main Characters in Heavy Rain. These will all compile into one paragraph at the end.

Hugh Jackman as Ethan Mars


Carrie Ann Moss as Madison Paige


Casey Affleck as Norman Jayden


John Goodman as Scott Shelby


 This would be the perfect Heavy Rain cast. Casey Affleck and John Goodman would easily be a great Norman Jayden and John Goodman. You can have complaints about Hugh and Carrie, but who else could play them better then I think they can? Sure it will be a little different, but there's always changes when making a videogame movie.

  Well, that's it. What do you think? Agree or disagree with my picks? Anyone you recommending I do next time? Thanks again to everyone who reads or comments on my blog. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed. Adios Amigos!

Your Amigo,