As this generation is coming close to the end, we always want to try to get as much new gaming done as possible. My friend the Sniper wanted to play a new great game. I recommended a few, and one of them was Mass effect 2. He finally got it, and he had a blast. Had to help him a time or 2, but he completed it. So what does everyone want to do when they complete a great game? Make a blog about it. TheSniper wanted to do something different. After a good discussion, we've crafted this. We will both take turns asking each other questions, and the other answers. Today, TheSniper will be answering my questions.
What were your favorite characters in the game?
Hmmm. My favorites would probably be shepard, grunt, samara, and Garrus. Its Shephard, enough said!  His resume speaks for itself.  I mean commander of the Normandy, defeated the Reaper, destroyed the Collector base, & told off the Illusive Man.  Who wouldn't want to be Shepherd if just for the day? Hmmm!  
When I heard that voice I knew that he was going to be a keeper.  Grunt has a way of growing on you throughout the game.  In addition, he is more of a run & gun type player.  Just likes to go straight at his opponent.  This is especially true when it comes to proving his worth in his respective loyalty mission or holding his own in the final mission. SPOILER:  Grunt dies in my first playthrough.  I was sad to see that outcome.   He gave his all to the cause; yes., that includes his life. 
First, Samara helped keep my keister alive in the loyalty mission & again, in the final mission.  Secondly, her backstory is one that everyone can relate to in some shape, form, or fashion.  She definitely deserves a place on this list.  Her abilities as a biotic are unparalleled, in my humble opinion.   Also, she was a pleasure to work alongside; wish more of the crew had a part of her personality.   Without her, I would have been toast & the ending wouldn't have been as pleasant for me.  Smile!
What can I say about Garrus?  Garrus is cool, laid-back, BUT ready to get down to business when necessary.  I used him heavily in the last leg of the game.  I was surprised he made it, not really!  With his use of combat/tech experience, he is a MUST HAVE!!  His knowledge of Normandy updates is half bad either! 
Anyone else? 
I would also say Mordin and Jacob. I liked them, but unlike the other characters above, they didnt have "it factor" to push them over the hump for a coveted space on the favorites list. Mordin, aptly named the Professor; rightly so.  If it wasn't for Mordin we wouldn't have defeated the Collectors;   I never expected Mordin to kill someone in the game BUT he did. 
Jacob is reliable through and through.  He just didn't cut the mustard for favorites; I digress!  He is down to earth; too pleasant at times.  I expected more from him personality wise; no complaints other than that.  He did his job and managed to survive the suicide mission.  Wouldn't expect anything less from him.  He was an extension from the old team.  
Who were you least favorite characters in the game?
I would say Zaeed and jack. He had a generic storyline & didn't add much to the overall gaming experience.  Surprised he wasn't picked off during the final mission. 
My least favorite might be Jack. She does do some pretty cool things, but I never really connected. She's mouthy and not really well to work with. I must say her loyalty mission wasn't good at all. I never really got around liking jack. 
What was your favorite mission overall in the game?
For me, the favorite mission would definitely have to be the suicide mission.  Knowing that you're working towards the climax of the game is amazing.  The suicide mission is one that should be included in more games; I digress!  The writing, the plot, the character interaction is incredible.  Just the overall emotion that is seen in the suicide mission alone and what it conjures up makes it my favorite.  Plus, you add the emotional attachment you have to some of the members, if not all, and then it really heightens things.  This is true especially if you happen to lose a few members along the way.  How they are remembered in the game is touching.  
What about your least favorite mission?
I would say the abandoned collector ship.  It was just creepy. The music for that mission didn't help matters either.  
What else can you tell us about your first playthrough?
For me, this was my first playthrough, and definitely not my last.  It took me 22 hours to complete, give or take a few hours.  I choose paragon, no particular reason guess it was because of the choices I made in the earlier parts of the game.  
I saved the base. I debated whether to save the base or not.  I felt it was the right thing to do in destroying the base because of the hurt, anger, and emotional baggage that it draws from you.  As for exploration, I explored some planets more than others.  It depended on which galaxy I was in.   Also, I played through the main missions, most side missions, and every loyalty mission except Legion & Zaeed. 
What did you think of the game overall, and what would you rate it?
Overall,  I loved it.  I am definitely going to do a second playthrough.  
Voice Acting: 10/10    Graphics 10/10
Story 10/10                   Character Interaction 10/10
Overall Rating 11/10
Finally, who would you recommend this game to?
Highly recommend this for those who are new to the RPG Genre.
Big thanks goes out to theSniper. This was a fun idea that I can't wait for my turn. As you can see, mass effect 2 is a great game, and honestly, if you haven't tried the RPG genre, this is the perfect game to start you out with. Thanks again for reading and commenting, and what did you think of theSniper answers? You agree or disagree with him? Thanks again, and Adios Amigos!
Your Amigo,