Once again, I'm back for another where do you stand. I'll give my opinion of the matter, then the floor is yours.This time, we're talking about 2 of my favorite things in my culture: videogames and movies. I love playing videogames, and I love watching movies. Both can give really great stories, and both can be a piece of crap sometimes. They're both good things, but is it any good putting 2 good things together to make 1 great thing?

 For a while now, Hollywood has tried so hard to bring the beloved game we have to the bigscreen. Many have tried, and many have failed. I mean lets be honest here, other then Wreck it Raplh and Scott Pilgrim(Cant believe I said that), what other good videogame movie is there? I mean they destroyed Mario bros. The most successful is of course the resident evil series grossing wise, but are those movies really any good? Brings the question up why is it so hard to make a movie based of a videogame?

 No Steve and george, it ain't about videogame not being art. That's absolutely stupid. Name something good George lucas has directed that wasn't name Star wars. My point proven. Another issue, another time. The reason is the time length of games. It's easy to point out the problem. Not it's videogames faults, but how can you take so much content from a 10 hour game, and make it into a 2 hour movie?

 2 great examples are The last of us and Bioshock Infinite. 2 of the greatest games so far, 2 of the greatest games this generation, and 2 games with a descent story. It's great actually. For the last of us, I finished about 10-12 hours on easy. So let's say 10-15 hours. Take that and make a 2 hour movie. That's only about 15%-20% of the story. Bioshock infinte took me 8-8 1/2 hours to complete. Make a 2 hour movie and that's like 25% of the content. This is all if it's 2 hours. It could be less even. Why would you do that? Even the 4-5 hour games, that's still only 50% of content.

So to close this part of a issue, I don't think videogames should be made into movies. It's required to take to much required out of the story. Maybe an HBO mini series, or any mini series. I say that because for some of the darker game, HBO is probably their spot to be. That's if the directors make the right choices. I say no to videogames to movies, and maybe on miniseries. High emphazise on the maybe.

 Let's turn the table now. It seems like it used to, and still is, whenever a blockbuster comes out, there's usually a game you can get of that movie. How are those game? Excluding goldeneye which was in the 90s, what good movie videogames are there. The only one I can think of is Xmen origins wolverine. People didn't have any problem with it. I didn't any problem. I would include the High moon Transformers game but they aren't based on any movie. So what's the trouble of making a movie videogame?

 You can argue to much unncesscarily content. You can argue they're just not fun. I think it's the people behind the wheel. Look at this example. To your left, you have a 16 year old kid who just got his driving liscense. To your right, an adult who's experience many years of driving. Who's going to drive better. Unless that kid is one heck of a driver, we know the answer is. You see these developers make these movie videogames, but what about the big companies. Companies like Naughty dog, Rockstar, Bioware, Irrational games. Of course they're quite busy. Why don't they give it a try? They could surely piece somethng together.

 To conclude this arguement, I'll use another analogy. Would you want your nba team be leaded by someone like Al jefferson(Not saying he's bad. He's pretty good but not a big name), or do you want someone like a kevin durant or lebron james? It simple. So when it comes to this part of the discussion, I'm allright with having them, but it depends who's creating the game, and if they know how to do it.

 Before I write my final paragraph, I want to make one thing clear. Im not saying making a videogame movie or a movie videogame is a walk in the park. No don't get me wrong, it takes alot of progress to create a movie and videogame, and even more when it's based on something allready. It's just I've seen both sides try so many times, and most of the time not succeding.

 That is the concluion of my blog. I don't think they should make videogame movies, and I'm iffy about movie videogames. Mostly negative though. Now it's your turn. What do you think? Should there be videogame movies and movie videogames? Thanks again for reading and commenting.

Adios Amigos!

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