Here we are once again. Started out with 32, and have come down to 2. Who will be the winner? Will it be Bioshock infinite who has crushed the competition so far, and barely slipped past mass effect 2 by a 9-8 vote? Or will it be the last of us who has dominated as well, and crushed dishonored to go on to the championship? 2 of the best games so far this year head to head. Who will it be? You decide. Here's your choices:

Bioshock Infinite vs. The last of us

 I'd also want to say this is the one year anniversery for games I play next so yeah. Big thanks go out to all the voters. You guys always make this fun, and this year, you guys had made it the best one yet. Thanks you guys and gals so much. Remember, you can vote in forum for your votes to count twice as much. The winner will be revealed Monday. Thanks again for voting, have a nice weekend, and see you Monday with the champion.