This was a new blog idea I just came up with. Kind of a discussion really, but it's called where do you stand? It's a blog where I introduce a issue that you're probably aware of, tell the whole story(or as much I know), give my opinion, and let you have the floor. As I tried to pick an idea, I knew this would be a perfect start for this blog.


Let me just start here, I love videogames. I love sports. When they combine, it's always a fun time. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? This could go wrong. 6 active players are filing lawsuit against the NCAA for allowing EA Sports to have their likenesses in the NCAA Football 14. They think that if their likenesses are in the videogames, that they should be paid. Of course, they said it's not just the money.

 I would first off want to say BULL CRAP. Of course it's about the money. Honestly, what else would you be suining them for? Honestly. Besides, why are we making a big deal. It's not like big star players like A.J Mccarron, Jadeveon Clowney, Marqise Lee suining them. Not Johnny Manziel. We've had to much of him. Instead, we have players like Jake Fischer, Jake Smith, Darius Robinson, Chase Garnham, Moses Alipate and Victor Keise. Players who probably or most likely won't go to NFL. I'm sorry if you're a Arizona, Clemson, Vanderbelt, or Minnesota(I know this is college teams, but go vikings!) fan, but the truth is the truth.So why should we care?

 We should care because players are getting greedy. If this lawsuit goes into the players way they'll get paid. Then, more and more players will want to play. It will then end with players going on a strike, or them getting paid. You can even have the argument for high schoolers whenever they are playing, and see college players play, that why aren't they paid.

 It's a complete mess, and it's wrong. Why should College players be paid. It's different from the NFL. NFL is for adults. NCAA is for college student. College is a type of school the last time I checked, and schools don't pay their students. All though that would be nice. Back on topic. I never heard any other sports player complaining about their likenesses on a sport game that's not college. Why's that? THEY DON'T GET PAID!

 You can't really get mad at EA Sports really. They're just trying to make their sports games. I do think it's funny that as soon as this all started that NCAA broke their contract with EA Sports. Overall, I think the verdict should go to EA and NCAA, those players don't get paid, and no college player gets paid for playing sports.

 Now, it's your turn. What do you think, are those players right? Should they be paid money? Should college players be paid? The main question here is Where Do You Stand?

Adios Amigos!