It's back once again to conclude my summer. My summer is coming to a close in late August, so instead of doing it in August, I decided to do it in July. Once again, we have great match ups, and one of the best competitions yet if I can say myself. We have some new games, games that have won the competition before, games that been on here before, and of course, games I haven't even played. So lets get start shall we. Here's your choices.

Bioshock infinite vs. Modern warfare

Infamous 2 vs. Max Payne 3
Tomb Raider vs. Spec ops the line
Killzone 3 vs. Starcraft 2
Uncharted 3 vs.  Mass effect 2
Red dead redemption vs. Far cry 3 blood dragon
Mass effect 3 vs. Uncharted 2
Devil may cry vs. Saint rows the third
Hitman absolution vs. Dishonored
God of war 3 vs.Gears of war 3  
Halo Reach vs. Halo 4
Borderlands 2 vs. Far cry 3
Bad company 2 vs. Battlefield 3
Black ops 2 vs. Crysis 3
The last of us vs. black ops

  Thanks for voting. You can also vote in forums if you want your votes to count twice. Part 2 will be up Saturday. Thanks again, and see you Saturday.