We are back once again for our fifth games I play next, and this time, the winner will be played the heck out of because I'm almost on Summer vacation. Thank god. Anyways, back to your choices. This time around, I've added new games, older competetors, games I haven't played, and a game that hasn't even came out yet. So lets get started. Here are your choices:

Bioshock vs. Bioshock Infinite

GTA IV vs. Red dead redemption

Uncharted 2 vs. Uncharted 3

Mass effect 2 vs. Mass effect 3

Borderlands vs. Borderlands 2

Far cry 3 vs. Max Payne 3

Far cry 3 blood dragon vs. The walking dead

Tomb Raider vs. Spec ops the line

God of war Ascension vs. God of war 3

Darksiders vs. Darksiders 2

Sleeping dogs vs. Saint rows the third

Assassin's creed 3 vs. Assasson's creed Brotherhood

Killzone 3 vs. Battlefield 3

Black ops 2 vs. Bad company 2

XCOM enemy unknown vs. Fuse

Metal gear rising revengeance vs. Batman Arkham city

 Those are your choices. Hope they weren't to hard. Part 2 will be up either saturday evening or sunday morning. Remember you can also vote in Forums to male your votes count even more. Thanks for voting, and see you this weekend.