In life we all have difficult choices. It's our choice what we choose to do in life, but hard choices aren't just in reqular day life. There are also hard choices to make in gaming. Whether it's making hard choices, making choices that you can't prevent, or maybe even choosing to be good or evil. In some games, you choose how to play. That's why we're going to look at those games that gives us choices. A heads up, there are some Spoilers so be ready for some spoilers.

 The first category I'm covering is choices that you don't really choose. Games here might not allow you to choose choices, but make you do hard choices that you can't prevent. The first one is the critically acclaimed Bioshock infinite. Now you might be scratching your head a little here,but hear me out. When you first started Bioshock infinite, did you want to kill Booker DeWitt? He was a shadey figure, but did you want to kill him? It was hard in the ending to have to kill him, but we had to. We had to kill him so Comstock never existed. It was hard, but we had to do it.

 Another hard choices that really couldn't end differently was The walking dead. After episode 4, I was sadden. Just mortified to realize Lee was going to die in the next episode.  It was hard putting a bullet in his head (?) but it had to be done. RIP Lee Everett.

 The final game I'm covering for hard choices are the choices you make in Mass effect 2 and 3, and especially their ending choices. You could argue and probably win that no matter what, someone will die in the end. In 2, unless you play it great/smart, someone on your team will die. Yiu can save them all, but without a great guess, or looking on the internet, you're probably not going to save everyone. In 3, I will say, I loved how it ended. I thought it was a great way to say good bye to it. I mean seriously though. He had to save the galaxy(unless you were a wimp and backed out), so he had to sacrifice himself. They were hard choices, but they had to be done.

 Next are just choices of being good or evil. Games that I think fit this very well are InFAMOUS series, Rockstar's GTA IV and Red dead Redemption. Rockstar really knows how to please their fans. Creating a big, open world with colorful characters, amazing lead characters, and a open world for you to explore. Now, the stories don't have hardly and roleplaying method in it (except for GTA IV ending) but they give you the choice of being the good guy, or being an outlaw. The world is at your disposal, and you choose how to play it.

 The other game I mention was the InFAMOUS series. Just like the red dead redemption and GTA IV, InFAMOUS gives you the choices to explore the world and become a hero or a villian. There were a few good or bad monets in the game that doesn't really change really the ending, but InFAMOUS 2 lets you choose a good or bad ending. Still, the world is at your disposal.

 The last category is hard choices in gaming. This chooses how your game ends. Three games that I thought fit great were Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, and Spec ops: The Line. Heavy Rain is truely an intense story driven game. What it lacks in gameplay it exceeds in the story which you must play through and choose how it ends. Wheather it's the small choices, or the big choices, Heavy Rain is very close to a RPG, but wouldn't quite classify it as one.

 Now I know I allready  mention this game, but this game is one of the best choice driven story game out their. Just like Heavy Rain, what it lacks in gameplay, it exceeds in story. I mean seriously, you have to chose wisely in this game or your game could change drastically. It's easily one of the best games of last year, and one of my favorite stories cause of the choices you have to make.

 The final game I will be talking about, and the inspiration of this blog is Spec ops: The line. This may easily be one of the best underratted games. but that's another story. We're talking about the choices you have to make. Without it's dark, gritty story that makes you decide hard choices that you most military games don't have, this would be absolute crap. It would, but the game is grwat because of the hard choices. Spec ops shows the darkness of war that most games don't show, and creates a great experience you won't forget.

 Big thanks go out to TheSniper for doing the co blog on morality in gaming. Great idea! His blog on it should be up anyday. I also want to thank everyone who reads and comment on this blog. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy. I would like to close by asking you what do you think of the choices made in these games? Any games I missed that should be on here? Thanks again!