With this years E3 going on, I know that I, as well as many of you, have found/seen games that we cannot wait to get our paws on. Every once in a while I buy into the hype of a game and purchase it day one. For some reason though, that game isn't for me. The most recent example is the Watch Dogs fiasco. I personally have not bought the game but I do think it looks great. All I read was people's hate for the game and saying how they were deceived.  I know purchasing bad games is sometimes part of being a gamer. The mentioned games in this blog are games that I personally thought I would love, but I was sorely mistaken. Now, while I openly admit none of these games are bad, I personally hated and/or disliked these games for some reason.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Oblivion was one of the first games, in my opinion, that felt truly next gen. I remember just walking for hours, killing and stealing anything I could. To this day, the DLC that came out for Oblivion was some of the best I have ever played. The trailers, music, and graphics, were simply amazing. When I purchased Skyrim at midnight, I was very underwhelmed. Everything felt like a chore and the lack of enemy types was depressing. One of my favorite parts of Oblivion was the thieves guild, but in Skyrim I HATED the thieves guild quests. I will openly admit, though, the game had some alright graphics. The best thing about this game is the beautiful music. Certain things that killed the game for me was not having a respec for the skill tree. So many parts of Skyrim feel too rushed and/or old school. The combat system is awful, the only thing that makes the game challenging is the bow. This is one of the few semi-recent games that I have not finished. 

Little Big Planet 2

Ok, this is kind of breaking the rules, I love LBP2. I just love it like a horribly behaved step child compared to the first installment. LBP2 took everything the first game did and made it easier. I feel as though you could run through a level in no time at all. One of my favorite parts of the first installment was beating all of the levels and re-playing them to sticker the secret areas and find all of the collectibles. In the second game, there was rarely any stickering going on. It somehow felt less magical but with that being said, I will be buying LBP3 day one.

Battlefield 3

Battlefield Bad Company was my first love in terms of online. Its hard not to write too much about it but it was in many ways the stepping stone for my love of multiplayer, online friends, shooters, and online communities. Needless to say, when I went to the midnight release for Battlefield 3, I came home and again, I was upset. I actually almost went up to my bed and cried myself to sleep. I knew one of my favorite games were gone forever. The large open environments were gone, sniping was nearly useless, the game was almost broken. It is still a touchy subject. Whenever I see a trailer for any new upcoming battlefield game, I start to get violent.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, GTA 4, GTA 5

I keep getting these games for some reason. As stated above this is another game that I have a personal attachment to. GTA 3 and Vice City were and still are nothing short of magical. I think one of the reasons that I cannot get into them is probably because I am older now and I do not have enough time to mess around for hours on end. I need a game to have a deep engaging story that moves along quickly. I view GTA and other open world sand box games like legos. It is not the legos themselves that are great, it is what you can do with them that is. Being younger, I would make my own stories and play the cop or even play as the robber. The loss of cheat codes and the fly code really kills it for me. I know the new ones have some codes but one of my fondest memories was playing GTA 3 and putting on the code, citizens riot and citizens have guns. We would see which of our friends could last the longest just driving down the street. These new games seem to have just lost their magical touch.


These are just a few of the many games that did not live up to my expectations and/or the hype. Many of the games that I saw during the E3 have made me excited but my rule of thumb is: 'You never know until you try it'. 

So I ask you:

Have you ever bought into the hype of a game and been let down?

Have any of your favorite franchises fallen out of your favor?

Are there any up coming games you are excited for?

And lastly, are there any upcoming games you want but are skeptical about getting?


Thank you all for reading!!