Games are popular or successful for many reasons. There may be a flood of sequels or prequels every year, or maybe the game is so expertly crafted that it deserves its success. Every now and then, I can never grasp why a certain game is so popular. There are many, many reasons but i'll tell you why I think they are. Below is a list of six games, three that deserve success and three that don't.

Call of Duty

I still do not understand why this game gets so much hate. There are so many games out there that are clearly much worse. The reasons these games are great are endless. The story is top notch in every entry, it has incredible set pieces and wonderful voice acting. The controls are literally flawless. Another huge thing people fail to realize is that the game is created with us, the consumer in mind. This is one of the few modern games that still include split screen (on and offline),  offline multiplayer (for people with bad connections), training modes, etc. I sometimes play online with my fiance and trust me, i'm not the only one. In every lobby I pop into I see another split screen player as well. These small things are what make this game popular in my opinion and will keep it popular for years to come. Call of Duty will remain the king of FPS as long as it keep doing these simple things.

The Last of Us

There is never enough good things you can say about this game. I know everyone says how great the story is, but I am going to go deeper then that. The multiplayer is AMAZING. The last time I had this much fun playing an online multiplayer was Metal Gear Online (R.I.P). The sheer amount of skill needed to excel is exciting. It also is almost impossible to do good without a good team. Every part of this multiplayer is exciting, highly skill and team based, and simply perfect. The feeling you get when you realize your alone and there are three enemies next to you cannot be explained. If you haven't tried it out, please do yourself a favor and play it.

Dead Space

Dead Space, another very great game. What makes this game above average is that its different from almost every other in its genre, let alone any game for that matter. Much like the Last of Us, playing through this games gives you a sense of vulnerability. There is a fear that is constantly with you. I am always thinking, will I make it past this next fight? Is this wind tunnel going to blow me into a wall so I smash into little tiny pieces. The game is dark, scary, and downright freaky at times. All this being said, the one thing this game does right is it never ceases to be fun.

Now to get started on the 3 games that do not deserve their popularity or success.

Grand Theft Auto

Don't get me wrong, I love GTA 3 and Vice City. I cannot play any of the newer ones though. I remember first getting GTA 4 and being so excited. I popped in the game and that was it. I was underwhelmed with everything. Graphics that were lackluster, people I didn't care about HORRIBLE shooting mechanics, and a huge open world with nothing to do. GTA 3 was so groundbreaking at the time I could get lost in it forever (the fly code!). But with 4, I always found myself getting bored. This seems to be the case with GTA 5 too, and I haven't even played it. I watched the trailer and tried to enjoy it but it looks all the same to me. A big open world with nothing to do. Sure I can golf, i'll just play Hot Shots. Lets go bowling, i'll just play on my Wii. Have our own pad that people can visit, i'll play Sims or Playstation Home. Nothing is innovative.



I can't believe I actually went to the midnight release for this. At first I was wowed by everything, but as soon as I made my character I wanted my money back. So little choices in a game that beckons freedom. Every quest is utterly boring, every dungeon is the same. Every part of Bethesda screams lazy. At launch it was a glitch fest, there isn't even a respec (I think that's what its called) to reset my skills. The dragons are cool at first. But after awhile though, it is almost not exciting to see them anymore. I already made my dragon armor and weapons, why should I kill another. I remember a time when a game had to be perfect before it was released. Bethesda would never have made it if that were the case today.

Assassins Creed

A game this big adopting the yearly strategy is hilarious. I never saw anything in these games. I have friends that lose interest with every new entry. I remember the advertisements for the first game. It was totally next gen, wonderful graphics, huge environments, and a cool combat system. This is a case much like GTA. After the first groundbreaking title each game continues to be less and less innovative or impressive. I mean they add water and boats, pirates, snow, but sadly it just isn't enough. I see many gamers that say they hate the boat missions and are mad that they are making a return. This game will die off in a few years, maybe even months



All in all I sometimes never get why some games are so successful. Much like Call of Duty some people may buy a game just because their friends are. The above mentioned games are excellent and some not so much. I have even been so turned off by some games that I will never buy from that company again. Some though I eagerly wait for even if it kills me.


Honorable Mention (Good)

Ni No Kuni




Ratchet and Clank

Little Big Planet

Borderlands 2

Metal Gear

Honorable Mention (Bad)

Gears of War


Any sports game

Final Fantasy

What are the games you think are deserving of their popularity or success?

Are there any games you find so hard to understand the reason they are so 'good'?

Have you ever bought  a game and thought, damn why would anyone buy this?

Thank you all for reading and remember any criticism is much appreciated. Feel free to comment your hearts out.