I would first off like to say, that I have been a Sony fan my whole life. I have stuck by them through thick and thin. The Playstation Network hack, their 'weird' Controller, their lackluster PSN, month old Cod DLC, ect. If you haven't noticed by now, these are not my words but the points various Xbox Fanboys like to make. I find it rather amusing that now because Sony has finally showed how awesome they really are, people from high and low are saying: SONY WON OH MY GOD!! I find this story equivalent to that of mean girls. The main character comes to town, shows the popular girls how its done and it turns the whole schools social network for a spiral. As soon as someone notices something or someone better they ditch what they were just in love with. Is this necessarily wrong? I really don't think so, but frankly I find it a bit annoying that all the times I have defended Sony from my friends, and people I didn't even known are now going to be on my side. I feel as if they are all fake and/or just trying to go with the flow of things. I am happy that Sony is growing into what they are now. Is a Michigan state fan a fan because he lives there, or because they are truly a fan?


If your already a Sony owner what do you feel about this?


If you are switching from Xbox/Microsoft why the sudden change?


Will the Psn still "suck"?


And finally how excited are you to use the new controller.


Like I said this is a rant. Every comment will be read, criticism is much appreciated.


Thank You For Reading