Hello! Welcome to my (technically) first blog post on Game Informer! Today I will be sharing my opinion on Disney's choices with Star Wars over the past year or so. This is a opinion piece, and as such the following blog post covers four topics: Episode 7, Clone Wars getting the boot, Disney closing LucasArts, and Dark Horse no longer publishing Star Wars comics in 2015. 

(Attention: These opinions represent me and no one else.)

1: Episode 7.

In October of 2012, as part of Disney buying LucasFilm, it was announced that they would be making Episode 7 of Star Wars.  Disney buying LucasFilm was kind of like the Galactic Empire being formed from the ashes of the Republic. Episode 7 was kind of the coolest part of the deal.

The problem is, for me, is that they already did stuff set after the events of Return Of The Jedi. For example, Legacy Of The Force is set 40 years after Return Of The Jedi, and focuses on the children of Luke and Han Solo. I know J.J Abrams will think of something, but your entering territory that has already been covered.

2: The Clone Wars Gets The Boot.

But just like the Empire destroying a planet, Disney made the first mistake with Star Wars, Clone Wars, running for five seasons, was cancelled in March of 2013. I believe there was more to be done after the shocking ending of the last episode of season five. I know Clone Wars had to end eventually, and I am excited for Star Wars: Rebels. But, like I said, their should have been just a little more story before Clone Wars would leave our airwaves.

3: LucasArts Closed.

After that mistake, I thought it was just one mistake and they hopefully won't make more.

I was so wrong...

The mistake is like another Death Star being built. LucasArts, which I grew up with as a kid, was now being shut down and turned into a licensing company. When it was said, I felt angry and sad. I loved LucasArts. They were the ones who made critically acclaimed games in the 90's, and they were still making good games in the 2000's.  EA has taken control of Star Wars video games , and they said that Battlefront was coming back, being created by EA DICE.

We'll just have to wait and see what they do..

4: Marvel Comics now in control of Star Wars comics.

This one is an ironic one. I released my SWTOR: Eclipse: Episode 1 on YouTube when the news was announced. Marvel Comics, starting in 2015, would be taking control over Star Wars comics. Marvel is no stranger to Star Wars, they did the Star Wars comics from 1977 until Dark Horse took it over in the 90's.

In my opinion, this was a cost-cutting move on Disney's part. Marvel is owned by Disney. Did they do it out of cost? I think so. I loved Dark Horse's vision for Star Wars comics, and I at least hope it can carry over to Marvel. We say hope..

And so ends my opinion. What do you guys think? Am I right or wrong? Write below in the comments section.

Jordan out!


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