Video games are a source of a good time. Happiness, fun, excitement, joy... all can be experienced while playing a game. Then again, so can anger, rage, frustration, and saltiness. Ah, salt. The rustling of jimmies, so to speak. Getting killed when you don't think it should've happened, getting a kill or supplies stolen from you, etc. can all induce the state of salt.

Instead of talking about games that I don't like and why they make me salty (because its way too easy) I thought I would write about a few games I am fond of that make me want to throw things against the wall.


The Last of Us

It seems like I talk about this game more than I should, I know. But it truly is one of my favorite games, and any PlayStation 3 or 4 owner should own it. I've played through the campaign several times, heard all of the jokes, had all of the conversations, maxed Joel, got the comics, compiled a bunch of trophies, etc. You get the idea. I consider my skill and knowledge in the campaign to be up there in terms of ability.

Up until recently though, I had not been able to play the online multiplayer. So, I did. I first tried the raids, and did horribly. I chalked it up to map knowledge and mechanics. I kept trying though, and soon, I was able to only die 6 times out of the 20 each team is given, and that was by hiding and staying away from the action. In short, I felt like a complete noob and was at a loss. I moved on to the Survivors mode and did a little bit better. By that, I mean that my inadequacy wasn't put on show to everyone see. I died every time and got last on my team, sure, but it wasn't as blatant as near double digit deaths. I tried and tried, but it happened the same, every time. This pretty much sums out my experience with multiplayer for The Last of Us.

I'm the one on the ground.


XCOM Enemy Unknown

"But Jolt, you said XCOM was your favorite game, how could it make you salty?"

Yes, it is, and yes, it absolutely does. There's a rule in XCOM and it basically says that no shot is a sure thing until it hits. This isn't always a bad thing. When you're in the thick of battle and you hit an amazing 24% shot from across the field can be a game changer. Its exhilarating.

Its a double edged sword though. For veterans of this game, you know what I'm talking about. "OH! I got a 96% sniper kill shot!"

The shot flies wide right.

This sort of thing seems to happen more than it should. I have missed my fair share of his 90% shots from snipers and shotguns alike. To make matters worse, those missed shots often lead to the death of a soldier or worse; the complete loss of your squad. Its enough to make you down a large order of McDonalds fries, hold the fries.

This is a miss waiting to happen...


Dynasty Warriors

I adore the Warriors games from KoeiTecmo. Dynasty Warriors 3 was the first PlayStation 2 game I played, and I've been hooked ever since. I have played every installment from Dynasty Warriors 2 onward. In each game, I have a sort of OCD thing, and I have to mac every characters stats and weapons. With the new Warriors games having 70+ characters, it truly is a labor of love. I'm fond of Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi as well, but the root of my addiction is Dynasty Warriors.

As a fan of this series, you can imagine the types of criticism I get. "You're wasting your time" or "that game is for kids" are things I hear often when I mention the games. Honestly, it makes me salty just thinking about people's objections to the series.

The first, and likely most mind boggling argument, is that its the same game rehashed over and over again. My response is usually "You mean like Call of Duty, the highest selling game franchise ever?" That usually shuts the argument down, but I have more rebuttals. Every game is NOT the same. Sure, its the same general story because its based on the real history of China. Every new game adds more content though. There's always new characters, weapons, map layouts, stages, items, graphics... same game? Hardly.

Then there's the "It's too easy" thing that I loathe. Pretty much every game is easy if you play on easy difficulty. What's that? You say you're killing enemies in one hit? Play on Ultimate difficulty, where a common soldier has the ability to kill you, and see how long you last. I have level 100+ characters and their best weapons in Dynasty Warriors 8 XL on PlayStation 4, and I still have a hard time.

"But Jolt, all you do is press attack the whole time. I can rush straight to the enemy general and kill him too fast. It's boring." I dare you to play on Hard or Ultimate difficulty and survive while just pressing a single attack button. On those difficulties, if you get caught by your lonesome, your chances of survival and pretty much nil. And don't even get me started on this guy.


Sorry about that. I probably rambled while talking about Dynasty Warriors. It all comes from a good place though, as I love each of the games I talked about. Love aside, just the thought of them gives me a salty taste in my mouth.