Got your attention?

Its obvious that I dislike motion controls. This opinion of mine isn't based on tomfoolery and heresay. I've had first hand experience with all of the Big 3's motion controls, and in each instance, I was less than impressed. The Wii, the PS Move, and Kinect all fail to live up to the hype that motion controls had coming into the current console generation. Sure, there are exceptions, and there have been a few games that are enjoyable with motion controls, but as a whole, I would consider the feature as a failure.

Unlike most gamers, I didn't have very high hopes for the concept. Maybe because of my advanced age, or maybe because of my cynical viewpoint towards most new innovations, but the allure of motion controls never struck me. To me, video games have been a way to unwind and relax, not work up a sweat.

I was raised in a time of sitting in my favorite chair, and immersing myself into my video game. This meant being quiet and concentrating on the task(s) at hand. I was never a kid that moved the controller around in hopes that it would make Mario jump further, or make my Contra soldier shoot faster. It just has never been my style of play. 

Don't get me wrong. I understand why people enjoy games like Wii Sports and Wii Fit. Playing them is like playing a huge interactive boardgame or something - a novelty. I don't consider those types of games as "video games" but rather a family experience. Its just something to do with a family, or a drunk group of people that want to look stupid. 

And yes, you all look ridiculous playing these games. This is a fact and is not up for debate.

The arguement has been made that motion controls help with weight loss and getting children active. I say to that arguement that it, too, is ridiculous. You want to lose weight? Go outside and do something. Go for a run or a jog... after all, its FREE. Meanwhile, consoles and games can get fairly expensive. You say you want to pretend to play tennis or bowling? How about you actually go do the real thing? Its more fun, I promise you. 

As for getting kids active, why is that the responsibility of a video game? The last time I checked, that was the job of their parent or guardian. Hey... parents.... if your kid is stuck on a video game all day, go turn it off and make them do something. School sports... playing outside... walking the dog... something. A video game isn't supposed to provide exercise and spark activity within the lazy population of the world. 

The sales of the Wii and its motion controlled games would prove me wrong. Honestly, I think it supports my viewpoint, however, in that these types of things are for more casual gamers that don't play on a daily basis. I have to admit though, that these novelty peripherals have gotten more video games into peoples homes. That's always a good thing. 

In closing, I'd like to say that I can respect people that play these types of games. Personally, I don't think that motion controls have any place in the video game world. Give me a stationary controller with a cord and I'm good to go. Oh, and to all of you sweaty gamers out there... its an unattractive look. Cut it out.