I've been out of the GaMe scene for a bit. I've come to the point where I need people to inflate my ego, so I have returned in hopes of extending my win column, and to add more buttons on my profile page. For those of who too young to get the title reference, this GaMe will feature a game called Duck Hunt. Ask your parents about it... insanely fun. 




The day was ripe with possibility. DH, or Dark Heart as his parents named him (yea they were jerks) ventured out with his faithful dog Rusty. The goal for the day was to hunt. Not just hunt anything. but to Duck Hunt.

The hunting season had just begun to wind down, but DH was just now finding time to participate in the archaic "sport" and had finally finished turning Rusty into a hunting hound. The dog was a lazy canine, and training it to fetch dead things was a lofty task. DH wasn't thrilled with the level of training, but it would have to do.

The duo came to an open field with a single tree. It was a known nesting area for several ducks and it had very limited hiding areas for the delicious birds. It would be the perfect training spot for his mutt.

DH readied his orange and gray rifle, and sent Rusty into the grass to chase out the prey. It wasn't long before a green-headed bird emerged, flew in zig-zags, and flew away. DH wasn't yet ready, and was still loading his weapon. That happens more times than you'd expect when Duck Hunt'ing.

DH was ready for the next, and shot it nearly as soon as it had cleared the brush. Confidence built almost instantly, as he killed the next three ducks that showed themselves. Rusty had piled up the days murdered birds into a pile that was sure to grow by the end of the day. 

The next duck that emerged from the grass was a little quicker than the previous ones. DH shot, but missed. Shot again, missed again. No matter how many shots he fired, the duck remained in the air, until it finally decided to fly off of the screen. 

The escape of the inferior creature was enough to make DH fairly mad. To add to matters, however, Rustly peeped his head above the grassline and was laughing. It was a stifling laughter, but laughter all the same. 

After all DH had done for the dog, Rusty dared to mock his master? How rude! DH had worked and trained the hound to be better than he was supposed to be, and this was how he was repaid.

DH made the decision then, that when Rusty showed his face again, the mutt would be met with a bullet. Was it a decision made out of anger? Absolutely. But it was obviously the right decision.

The duck emerged, and DH missed on purpose. Sure enough, Rusty peeped out just to laugh at DH's misfortune. DH responded with several shots at the dogs head. Much to DH's dismay, the dog was unscathed. Another duck emerged, but DH was on a mission... Rusty had to die.

DH, before Rusty could pop his annoying head up and laugh, ventured into the tall grass. As soon as Rusty came up to laugh, he was met with a gun at point-blank range. 


Rusty fell to the ground. Dead. Dh collected the ducks he had killed, and ventured home.



-For those of you that have played Duck Hunt, this was a long time coming...