I did a blog a couple days ago about couch co-op. My mind immediately went back to the blog Hanna and I did that featured some dynamic duos in terms of video game characters. This was intended as part 2 to that blog, but Hanna and I have done somewhere around 35 coblogs (according to him) and finding it is something neither of us want to do. 

So, instead, I'll talk about some pairings of characters that you may or may not have thought of as a unit before. I'm not really sure where this blog is headed, but we'll see. 


Sub-Zero and Scorpion

These two were on the first blog, but they clearly deserve another mention. Obviously, the makers of Mortal Kombat intended on Liu Kang being the face of their games, much like Ryu is to Street Fighter. The thing is, Liu Kang is a chump. Ever since the first MK title, everyone was talking about the ninjas. One with the power to freeze, the other with a spear and flames. These two have a long and storied history that involves replacing ninjas that the other had killed, being brought back from the dead, brainwashing, and other things I am sure I'm unaware of. These ninjas are oftentimes mentioned in the same breath, and every MK fan has their favorite one. In the first Mortal Kombat film, the fights involving Scorpion and Sub-Zero were (in my opinion) the best in the entire film. As long as there is a Mortal Kombat, these two will be at the forefront of the series. 


Miranda and Jack

Mass Effect 2 is a great game, but it is plagued by several lackluster characters. Jacob is a tool. Thane is fairly useless. Miranda is one dimensional. Jack is a stereotypical mad lady. What makes these two different, however, is their interactions with one another. By herself, Miranda is just as Jack labels her; a 'Cerberus Cheerleader' and Jack is just an angry woman hell-bent on killing. Together, they provide players with a dynamic relationship that makes each character worth the time and effort our attention. It's not the typical party that is made up of Shep, Miranda, and Jack (the two women occupy the Biotic spot on the team), so several of you miss out on their in-game interactions. Things come to a boiling point on the Normandy when the two get into a verbal disagreement. The fact is, whether you like these characters or not, they make each other more interesting, and overall better additions to the game.


Clefairy and Jigglypuff

For those of you unfamiliar with Pokemon, skip this pairing. For the other two people, these two should come as no surprise. Both are round, pink, have swirls on their heads, pointy ears, and both could easily overtake Pikachu as the face of the series if Nintendo gave either one of them a chance. These two are pretty cute, to say the least. They are often compared to one another in terms of battle style and usefulness. Their evolutions are similar as well, further linking the two. I'd pay to see these two battle to the death. 


Mario and Donkey Kong

These two have a storied past. Yes, they race go-karts every now and then. Mario has a full schedule of rescuing Peach to keep him busy. Meanwhile, DK has his own line of sillyness to occupy him, with Diddy Kong and Trixie and... bananas and... riding rhinos and sharks and... things. Its easy to forget that these two began their video game careers together. The arcade game Donkey Kong was a huge hit way back when all DK had for a weapon was a bunch of barrels, and Mario's means of offense wasn't fireballs of flight, but climbing ladders and jumping. They would be nowhere without one another. Except maybe Mario - that guy is everywhere.


Goomba and... Turtle(?)

I have played a few Super Mario games in my time. All of the NES and SNES titles, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario... there's one thing that they all have in common. Well, probably more, but for the purposes of this blog, only one. The walking mushrooms and the waddling turtles are staples in the first stages of any Mario game. These guys are the ones Mario stomps on and kicks around for his own amusement. Mario learns to progress while killing a bunch of these guys. Unfortunately, they aren't very smart, or they would band together all at once and ambush Mario together before he had the chance to get a star or power flower or magical leaf or whatever else that gives his superhuman powers. They will continue to be trampled upon, unfortunately.


That's all I've got for the moment. Hopefully you enjoyed reading. If not... oh well. Yea... that's how I roll.