Ben jolted awake to the sounds of a massacre. He shot up from the makeshift cot he had rented and quickly made his way to his weapons closet. His pistol was loaded with Fat Daddy's, and the assault rifle was loaded to the brim. The door of the shop suddenly swung open, as a snarling, drooling human/mutant hybrid launched itself in Ben's direction.

It was met with a Fat Daddy to the face.

Ever since Ben had stumbled his way out of the Ark, Wellspring had been his home. It was the closest thing to one, anyways. The bandits and deformed mutants kept to themselves. Ben himself had raided several of their strongholds in an effort to make the small colonies a safer place for those people that remained. It would seem, however, that his efforts were useless.

Making his way out of the room, Ben was taken by surprise to say the least. Both the mayor and sheriff of Wellspring were hanging just above the entrance to the town... by their necks. Dead. Pandemonium ruled the streets, as bandits chased down the townspeople and looted their bodies. Meanwhile, the mutant-like creatures fed on the corpses.

The two groups of degenerates had joined forces.

Ben knew he had to leave Wellspring, and immediately begun making his way to the garage that held his buggy. Along the way, his rifle got a workout as he unloaded on everything that moved. Townspeople or aggressor, it didn't matter to him. Only survival.

The noise from his gun only drew more hostiles to his location, but that didn't matter either. One after another, headhunters bit the bullet, literally. The one-eyed used-to-be-humans vanished before they hit the ground.  

He was halted in his tracks, however, as he neared the garage. His buggy was outside, in pieces, and obviously unable to be used as an escape vehicle. Any hope he had of escape had been destroyed. Survival would be next to impossible now. If he stood any chance, he'd need to get to higher ground. A fortified location. 

He quickly made his way to the sheriffs office. It overlooked the majority of the town, and was a secure structure... as secure as could be found in Wellspring. 

He entered slowly and spotted three headhunters looting the dead officers belongings. Ben swept the room with rifle fire. Three bodies were left laying in blood. He could hear more hostiles approaching, so he did his best to blockade the door... try to ride out the invasion until they left. Or he died.

Whichever came first.

Banging came from the door, causing Ben to duck behind the sheriffs desk for cover. It didn't take long for the bandits to gain access to the office, but it was their own stupidity that lead to their deaths. The doorway acted as a funnel, gathering them all in close quarters... perfect fodder for the rifle. 

Gunfire rang through the small building, leaving the bodies of the intruders in its wake. Eventually, they stopped coming. It was a good thing, too, as Ben's rifle began to make a distinctive *click* noise instead of firing rounds.

Ben thought an obscenity to himself and tossed the weapon aside. He started towards the door when he heard a growling noise. He slowly backed up as the creature appeared in the doorway. A towering mutant stood before Ben. Only one eye was visible, and even it was odd.. the color of a giant ball of *** that was ready to explode. Drool dripped down the creatures chin, err... what would be his chin if his face was intact. 

After another internal obscenity, Ben eyed the monster in his pistols sights. He squeezed the trigger. Then again. And again. The enlarged Fat Daddy shells fell to the floor, but the creature remained. After a growl, it charged Ben with its shoulder lowered. Ben squeezed off another two rounds before impact. 

The shoulder met Bens chest, sending the gunman backwards to the floor. The wind was knocked out of him as he lay there, weaponless. Ben lifted his head far enough to see his gun on the floor. 

And the ugly b@st@rd towering over him.

'Hey hey hey!' A voice seemed to ring through Bens head. Soon after, a headhunter placed himself between Ben and the creature. Words and noises were exchanged; Ben couldn't make out the specifics. The monstrous being left, leaving the bandit. Ben tried to move now that the odds were a little more even, but his body wouldn't cooperate. 

The grimy "man" dragged Ben into another room and closed, what sounded like, a metal gate. When Ben was finally able to move, he pulled himself to his feet. Slowly. It was obvious he had some broken ribs and other internal injuries. That wasn't his only problem. The headhunters had imprisoned him in the sheriffs prison. The gate was locked. 

'Hello...' Ben groaned. He knew he was in a bad situation, but he didn't know the half of it.