For this GaMe, I am going back to Dynasty Warriors. I love the series. Love it. This particular battle is the one that started it all. It planted the seeds of rebellion and independence in the minds of some of the periods earlier heroes. Enjoy.



The year was 184. The Han Dynasty was ruling China, but the corruption had spread throughout the Court. The people were disillusioned, and wanted change. In response to the pleads of the people, a mystic came forth to bring about change and to ease the commoners fears. Zhang Jiao was rumored to be a prophet from the heavens. He and his brothers, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang, were also said to control the elements. 

These three men traveled the countryside, spreading their words of peace and rebellion against the so-called tyrannical Han Court. Soon, their followers grouped themselves together, and ravaged towns and villages that didn't fall in with their way of thought. To the rest of the nation, this group became extremists that threatened the entirety of China. It wasn't long before the government officials sent out a call to arms to put down this rebellion. 

Alex was playing his drums in a tavern when the mood was interrupted by a giant of a man. The first thing that stood out was his beard; it reached his waistline at least. In his hands was a long polearm. The tip was emblazened with a dragons head with a blade pertruding from its mouth. 

'I am Guan Yu.' his voiced boomed. The taverns patrons were quick to silence as they surveyed the man. It looked like he was all business, and would easily deal with anyone that wasn't. 

'The Yellow Turbans are on their way here.' Everyone in the tavern immediately began to speak and whisper to one another. An obvious panic had overcome the once jovial mood. 'The Han troops are delayed, and will not reach us in time. My Brothers and I have formed a militia of people who want to defend their homes and families. We need every able man that is willing to fight.'

Guan Yu was a pretty smart guy. Who else wants to fight more than a bunch of drunk people? Nearly the entire tavern rose from their seats and exited the tavern. The only people left inside were a few old men with grey beards, and Alex. The stranger eyed the young man, who couldn't have been more that 16 years of age, and said a single word... 'You?'

'M-m-me?' Alex studdered. 'I don't have a weapon...' 

'When the time comes that you'll need it-' Guan Yu interrupted. 'there will be plenty laying around, simply pick one up.'

Guan Yu was an imposing figure, to say the least. Alex stood from his drums, and followed the rest of the militia outside. 

Once the entire militia was in place, Alex surveyed the scene. There couldn't have been more than 200 men here. Somehow, these commoners were supposed to fight off a squad of killers? It seemed a bit of a stretch. But, the three men at the front of the group gave a glimmer of hope. 

Guan Yu stood like a statue, glaring out to the horizon, emotionlessly awaiting the coming attack. Next to him was a rather muscular man. Alex recognized him as Zhang Fei; a butcher from a few villages away. There was also a man on a horse that seemed as normal as the majority of the militia. He had a sword mounted on each hip, however, letting Alex know that he was someone to keep an eye on. 

It wasn't long before the encroaching army came int view. They all wore yellow scarves on their heads, living true to the name given to them by the Han officials. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei both began walking towards the enemy, unwilling to let them get closer to the village. 'Wait.' the mounted warrior spoke as the militia started after the two warriors. It seemed like he was content to throw away the lives of the two eager combatants. 

Alex was unfamiliar with a battefield, but he was a compassionate youth. If those two were going to die fighting for his home, they weren't going to do so alone. He foolishly gave chase. 

Up ahead, a cloud of dust and dirt had been lifted from the ground. Alex had waited too long, and the lone warriors had engaged in battle already. Still, Alex ran through the debris fully expecting to be impaled by a sword. Instead, he was knocked down by what felt like a wall. 

When he opened his eyes, he looked up at the back of the butcher, Zhang Fei. 'You shouldn't be here.' his rough voice slurred. 'I told you there would be weapons...' Guan Yu spoke. When Alex was finally able to pull himself to his feet, he saw the bodies of his enemies. It looked to be about 12-13 men. All dead and laying in pools of their own blood. It was a vanguard unit meant to draw first blood. Instead, two men had easily defeated them. Not too far in the distance, the rest of the Yellow Turbans approached. 

'Get a sword. Wait for the rest.' Zhang Fei slurred once again. He sounded drunk, and smelled like it, too. He then charged forward, roaring all the while. The man had no fear. Alex looked to Guan Yu for a hint of an order, but he, too, ran forward. Seeing the two of them was enough to inspire the most inexperienced soldier - Alex included. 

After stealing a dead mans sword, the sound of a horse stopped him before he got started. 'I told you to wait.' He scolded. 'What's done is done. Men!' He rallied, and followed his two brothers into the fray. The rest of the militia followed, roaring with drunken enthusiasm. Alex stood, almost in shock, at the sheer determination of the men he had decided to fight with. They showed no fear, whereas he obviously did. 

Snapping himself out of his trance, he followed the group. His ears led him by the sounds of metal hitting metal and the other sounds of battle. It wasn't long before he started seeing the bodies of the fallen; a few of them he recognized. Up ahead, he spotted Guan Yu and Zhang Fei both surrounded by yellow. Without thinking, he charged the group.

The first swing was into the back of a Yellow Turban. The second was into the chest of a different one. Alex was swinging wildly to surprisingly effective results. The enemy caught up though, as he met a fist in the side of his head. He was knocked down, but still gripped his bloodied sword. Acting on reflex alone, he stuck the weapon straight into the air. It impaled the man that sucker punched him, leaving his blood to run down the face of the blade. 

Alex rolled to the side and grabbed the nearest weapon he could find. Pulling himself to his feet, he found himself surrounded by three men, ready to finish him off. It was then that he saw Guan Yu again, but this time, the bearded warrior was in action. With a single swing of his blade, he cut through two of the men that were threatening the young Alex. Zhang Fei grabbed the other by the head and headbutt him. Zhang Fei smiled as his opponents blood dripped down his forehead. 

'It looks like they are retreating.' the mounted fellow calmly spoke. It was a wonder he was still on his horse. But, he was right. The rest of the Yellow Turbans had backtracked and were vacating the field of battle. 'Hah!' Spoke the drunk butcher. 'They must be tired of death!'

'Should we give chase?' Alex asked the veteran soldiers. Guan Yu shook his head. 'We need to tend to our wounded. The Han forces will be here before the Turbans can mount another offensive. And besides... we've got training to do.' He placed a massive hand on Alex's shoulder as he shouldered his blade, and began his walk back to the village. 



(I tried to keep this at a reasonable length... I get carried away with Dynasty Warriors stuff. For those of you who are familiar with DW, the guy on the horse was Liu Bei. He isn't a warrior, but a leader. Anyways, I hope there was some enjoyment somewhere.)