I should specify that this is based on one of the most legendary battles of the Three Kingdoms era of China as depicted in Dynasty Warriors and The Romance of the Three Kingdoms games and books. If I don't, nobody would get it.



The year was 191. The weather was blistering cold. The place was the legendary gate the protected the Han Empire. The Empire itself was in turmoil. a tyranical Dong Zhuo had seized the capital, and was ruling with an iron fist. He had acquired soldiers and land with resources. Probably the biggest coup was the aquisition of the feared Lu Bu. None could stand against him in might.

Even considering this, the various warlords of China were outraged by the egomaniacal Zhuo, and formed a coalition to stand against him. Even with their combined numbers, they were at a disadvantage. They were exhausted from travel across the nation. Supplies were low, and morale was even worse thanks to the threat that Lu Bu posed. Still, the coalition pressed the impenetrable Hu Lao Gate in hopes of reclaiming the capital in the name of the Han. 

Yuan Shao, leader of the coalition, was an inept leader at best. He came from nobility, which led to his position. In a sense, he was leader only to rouse the troops, not for his ability. There were others among the joined armies with talents that surpassed those of its leader. Dong Zhuo's forces had officers of talent as well. The result was an apparent stalemate.

This is the story of one of the unsung heroes of this legendary conflict.


'Where is he? Where is he **BRAAAHHHH**?!' Lu Bu roared. He was on the war path, as usual. 'Where is King?!' 

The rampage continued with the ferocious warrior injuring guards and knocking over artifacts within his own army's camp. When he finally found the warrior only known as King, he was atop the gate at Hu Lao, observing the encroaching enemy army.

'There you are!' Lu Bu continued to roar. 

'Calm yourself Master Lu. They come.' King calmy motioned. He was already adorned with his silver chainmail. King was a student of Lu Bu when he was a child. This was his first real battle, and it couldn't have been more important. The fate of China rested upon its outcome. 

'Yes! I can already smell the fear!' Lu Bu boasted. He feared no man. He had yet to find an equal. The beast savored the thought of battle; the feeling of his halberd penetrating flesh. 

King was conflicted, even though it failed to shine through his stoic demeanor. He served on the side of tyranny. If Dong Zhuo was victorious, then the entirety of the nation would soon fall victim to the monster and his fancies. Still... he gazed out upon the coming enemy, and smirked. Finally, he would be tested.

The front of the gate only had a handful of squads. Zhuo intended to use the gate as a natural defense, and attack from within. The troops outside of the gate featured his most feared generals. 

To the left of the field was Hua Xiong. Hua Xiong was second to only Lu Bu in terms of strength and valor. Most could not stand against this monster of a man. There was Lu Bu, of course, supporting the center of the field of battle. To the right was King and his troops, all eager to spill Coalition blood.

The castle catapults attacked from the ramparts when the enemy marched into range. Their cries of pain and death could be heard from the entrance of the gate. Lu Bu scoffed when the cries of agony reached his ears. It was like a symphony to him. King could only shake his head in disgust at the one-sided thinking of his mentor. 

The preemptive strike had destroyed the allied archer unit, leaving only the the infantry and what was left of the cavalry to contend with. When the two armies were nearly 50 yards apart, Lu Bu roared with excitement, and raced off to battle. Hua Xiong followed, not wanting to be outdone. King moved up slowly, wary of the enemy's lackluster head-on strategy. 

The two ferocious warriors fought galanty alongside their men, seemingly sliding through the enemy ranks like a hot knife through butter. Just as King feared, however, reinforcements appeared from the flanks and had soon completely encircled his two commanding generals. King and his men rode swiftly into battle to try to rescue their allies. 

Cries of war filled the air, as the sounds of metal upon metal supported the soundtrack. Bodies lay on the ground covered in blood. Arms and heads were seperated from their deceased counterparts. The white snowy battlefield had been turned to a crimson sea of death. 

King's teachings had served him well, as he sliced and swung his sword through any that opposed his advance forward. In time, he finally recognized the bodies of his own allies. Soldiers were dead everywhere, including the General Hua Xiong. Lu Bu was still fighting vigorously, maneuvering his weapon like an artist with a paintbrush. 

'Master Lu!' King shouted to try to overcome the sounds of war. 'We hate to retreat to the gate! We won't survive here!' 

Lu Bu continued to kill enemy soldiers as they surrounded him. They were all like lambs to the slaughter, and they were oblivious to it. 'Master Lu! Now!!'

Lu Bu roared with disgust as he killed another three soldiers with a single swipe of his halberd. He knew King was right. The numbers of the enemy would soon catch up to the fierce warrior. 

When there was a halt in soldiers, many of whom had retreated in the face of Lu Bu and King's superior fighting accumen, both gathered nearby steeds, and raced back to the gates. The catapults and archers atop the ramparts were enough to keep the enemy at bay.

'I can't believe Lord Zhuo would sacrifice us like this...' King muttered to himself under his breath. 

It wasn't quiet enough, because the blood-hungry warrior heard. 'What?! How dare you?! This is a warriors duty! To fight! To the death if necessary!'

Typical. Lu Bu could only see what was in front of him. King, however, could see much, much more.

'We are being sacrificed for his greed! Can't you see that? If he intended for us to win this fight, where are our men? Where is the bulk of our army?!'

This simply enraged Lu Bu. The battle had got his blood pumping, and it was still going. With a swing of his weapon, King's steed fell to the ground without its head. 'You dare speak ill of our Lord? The punishment for treason is death!'

Lu Bu unmounted his own horse and waited for King to get to his feet. He wanted a fair fight. One on One. 

King had been preparing for this moment. He knew that eventually his mentor's lack of vision would cause such a calamity. He readied his weapon and prepared for the fight of his life.

King acted first, trying to end the scuffle quickly with a jab of his sword. Lu Bu was much more of a warrior to be felled by a simple attack, and easily side-stepped the attack. 'I taught you better than that!' Lu Bu insulted as he charged forward. 

Bu's shoulder collided with King's chest, sending him to the snow gasping for breath. The wind had been knocked out of the silver-clad warrior, and Lu Bu was on the offensive. In an instant he was overlooking his pupil with his giant foot at his throat, not helping his struggle for air.

'You are not ready.' Lu Bu was uncharacteristically calm. 'When Yuan Shao comes, surrender. He will spare you when he sees your potential.' 

Lu Bu continued forward, opposite Hu Lao Gate. King didn't understand. It wasn't until he pulled himself to his feet that he saw it. 

In Lu Bu's back was a blade. A sword had broken off just under his left shoulder. Ever the warrior, he had continued fighting despite his injury, but even he couldn't go on for much longer. The trail of blood he left as he walked towards the enemy horde was evidence of that. He was going to meet a warriors death. 

'As you wish, Master Lu.' King mumbled to himself, realizing he no longer would be bound by the loyalties of his teacher. 

'As you wish...'



(Sorry about the length. I started and didn't want to stop. This isn't what happened historically; I took some liberties for the GaMe. I hope you enjoyed it.)