Ekans is NOT on the list so get your minds out of the gutter. Perverts. 

There are literally hundreds of Pokemon out there. I personally think that the situation has gotten out of hand. I used to be a die-hard fan of these time consuming games, but I managed to kick the habit. I haven't played a Pokemon game in almost three years. That's right, there is hope. To you addicts out there, you can shake that Mankey off of your back and rejoin the civilized world. It IS possible.

I was going through my things and I found an old Pokemon strategy guide for Diamond. I looked through the Pokedex section, and memories of my old favorites came rushing back to me all at once. So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite critters.




Jolteon was my initial favorite. It started with the episode of the cartoon wheere a girl and her Eevee were undecided with its evolution choice. The moment I saw Jolteon, I screamed at the television 'Grab the Thunderstone you moron!' I stand by those words.

As I got into the games, I realized that Jolteon is a fierce weapon. Its speed is incredible, and usually goes first in battle. Couple that with the gruesome effects of Thunder Wave, and you've got one of the best openers in the game. Unfortunately, Rotom and its immunity to ground attacks has rendered Jolteon obsolete, but it's still my first choice for battle.



Crobat is yet another pokecritter that relies on speed. It is versatile and able to learn a plethora of TMs. Having a Crobat means that you put in the time and energy required to gain its trust/happiness. My team in the games can vary, but Crobat is the only staple. I always have Crobat. Always. 

My bat has Giga Drain learned as soon as its accessible to deal with those pesky rock throwing creatures. Confuse Ray is fun as well. Crobat is ideal for the strategical battler. That's me.



This one may surprise some of you, but this bear cub is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Yes, I have feelings, too, you heartless people. In my opinion, Teddiursa should be the mascot of the game, not Pikachu, not Pichu, and definitely not Plusle/Minun.

As an added bonus, it evolves into the very dangerous Ursaring. I always skipped evolution, however, and kept this cutie pie just the way it was. Simply adorable.



This hellhound should help me to regain my man points. If raised right, Houndoom has the potential to be a physical and special sweeper simultaneously. It can learn Thunder Fang, Flamethrower, Crunch, Shadow Ball, Giga Drain... it's power in canine form. If I could have any animal from the gaming world for a pet, Houndoom would be it. 



The last generation of pokemon was, in my opinion, a failure. With the exception of maybe the electric spider, this guy is the shining light in the lackluster field. I mean, it's a crocodile for crying out loud! It's mask leads one to believe that it mean and steals, which draws me closer to him.

He is relatively quick (you see a pattern here?) and powerful to boot; potential for being a physical sweeper. Most opponents cannot withstand a quick Earthquake or Crunch, making this guy valuable to those who know how to train it properly.



Most battlers have the mindset that using a Legendary Pokemon in battle is a cheap way to win. Others think that you are supposed to use them, that's why they are able to be captured. I am indifferent. I don't use the legends in battle, but if I did, Mewtwo would be on the team.

It's fast, meaning first attack in most battles.It's ability to learn nearly every TM out there makes it extremely dangerous. You never know what kind of attacks Mewtwo will have if you come across it in a Player vs Player (PvP) battle. 

As an added bonus, Mewtwo was the original 'bad guy' in the pokemon world. I know, I know, pokemon aren't bad, the people that raise/train them make them that way. I don't think that philosophy applies to Mewtwo. He wouldn't hesitate to mindrape anyone and anything he came in contact with.


There are a few others that are pretty good. The electric spider from the last generation was mentioned. Milotic is a beast. Kingdra is difficult to take down. But, for my style of battle, these pokemon get the job done.

Bye kids!