I want to start off by saying that I had no idea how to approach this weeks GaMe. I had planned on not doing one, but I didn't wish to draw the wrath of The Great One. I had participated in every GaMe thus far, and for what it is worth I have enjoyed doing them. This week though, my ideas for it were thin. I know Cubone expected to be Gamified by me, but yea. I told Hannibal my idea for a Madden theme where Cubone was the football. Awful. Hopefully this will turn out to be a worthy piece of writing; good enough for Cubone, because he is awesome. I am totally winging this.



Camera bulbs flashed violently as Cubone exited the crime scene. Reporters looking for the inside scoop swamped the streets. The victim lay in the alley; a Poochyena, gutted and left in plain sight for all to see. Cubone was new to a police force filled with Growlithe and Hoot-Hoot. The small pokemon was an outsider.

Still, even among hounds and owls, the skulled copper was one of the best sleuths in the business. His rise to fame had started with the ousting of Team Rocket. It continued with the aided apprension of a couple poke-poachers and the downfall of the dillusional Team Galactic. Lately, crime had been nothing but a memory. Until, of course, the string of murdered pokemon began to randomly appear. 

First was a Pidgey with two missing wings. Nobody took notice - it was a Pidgey... a common nuisance. The Rattata with the removed fangs didn't cause a stir, either. When the Mareep turned up without the bulb on its tail was when people began to notice. Then was the dehorned Tauros and the dead Farfetch'd with a missing Leek. Smeargle with no paintbrush tail... Murkrow with no hat... Marrill with no oil-filled tail...

All of them were murdered, all left in plain sight with no effort to hide the crime. They all had something missing when the body was found. Now, Poochyena. There was nothing to take from this pokemon... not in its belly anyways. The lack of evidence  was disheartening, but there was nothing that the small mole-type critter could do. Nothing but wait for a lead.

Back at his hole-in-the-wall cavern, Cubone was eager to kick his stubby little feet up and relax. He poured a cup of Combee Honey and began to doze off. It had been difficult to sleep lately with the bodies piling up, so Cubone welcomed the drowsiness. It didn't take long before he was snoring like the Lax.

His sweet slumber was interrupted by a zooming Chatot. "Wake-up! Wake-up! Another body! Get to work!" Cubone shooed the annoying messenger away and groggily woke up. Hesitantly, but he eventually got there.

The crime scene was swarming with reporters and such once again, making it difficult to reach the victim. It took the stout pokemon some shoving and pushing, but he eventually reached the dead Hypno, incomplete without its stringed hypnotic device. Up until now, the victims were pretty common and weak pokemon. A Hypno isn't exactly a slouch... it's evolved and fairly powerful, meaning that the culprit had to have an advantage. That left very few possibilities...

A bug pokemon wasn't capable of a murderous crime wave... well, a few were, but it was unlikely. Dark types tended to be straight to the point and no-nonsense when it comes to fighting.That left one type that stuck out like a sore thumb. "Ghosts..." Cubone muttered to himself.

Back at the station, Cubone rallied the troops... "We've got a lead. Ghosts. Ghost pokemon. Hypno was left with no battle scars, so a battle of the mind had to take place. It had to be an evolved ghost. We wait for nightfall and head to the mansion. In force."

The sun set and the entire police force stood at the gates of the abandoned mansion. It had been such for as long as Cubone could remember. The previous owner apparently moved away and left it as is. There was no 'For Sale' sign, no foreclosure, just a huge empty house.

An eerie laugh penetrated the stillness of the night. Glowing red eyes could be seen on the roof of the gigantic structure. "You are not welcome here." an Andre the Giant sounding voice boomed through the air. "Leave while you have the chance." 

Cubone smirked, although from under his skull helmet, it would have bee difficult to see. "If that isn't an admission of guilt, I don't know what is... let's go." Cubone very heroically announced as he headed for the front door. 

Before the forces of good appeared the forces of evil. A line of ghosts hovered in front of the mansion in defiance of the police. Ghastly, Haunter, Duskull, Bannette, all sorts and varieties had gathered to protect whatever was in this mansion. "Forward!" Cubone commanded. 

In an instant, streams of flames and waves of psychic energy burst forward towards the ghostly army. There was retaliation, of course, in the forms of rays and balls of dark energy. The scene quickly turned into a circus with dogs biting down on ghosts and Haunters punching the hounds in the face from the shadows, among several other battle scenarios. You know... owls pecking at ghosts only to have them disappear and put them to sleep with their hypnotic glances. It was a warzone, of sorts.

Cubone wasn't about to be delayed, even considering the epic battle happening all around him. He made a direct dash to the door while his enemies were in the midst of battle. Inside of the mansion was nothing but darkness. The upper levels were inaccessible due to the staircase that had apparently collapsed several years ago. The downstair only had one room - a huge sphere-shaped alcove with marble floors. On the far side of the room was a fireplace that was surprisingly aflame. Bookshelves lined the perimeter with gaps of missing volumes and texts. 

The booming voice returned. "It's about time... I wondered if your incompotent police force would ever figure us out." Glowing red eyes appeared once again, this time attached to a body. "Gengar." Cubone grimmaced. He knew that he was in for the fight of his life. "Yes, young one." 

"Why... what's the point?" Cubone questioned.

"Science. I needed... parts. Pieces. Only one remains. Yours." 

Without hesitation, Gengar leapt forward with his hands fixated on Cubones famous skull. The last piece. Cubones acted on reflexes alone and rolled to the right. Gengar missed its Thief attack, but would undoubtedly keep up the fight. Cubone couldn't let Gengar get his hands on his most prized possession. That skull was everything to Cubone...

Gengar appeared again only to laugh maniacally. "Delayment of the future is foolish. You can live, just give me the skull." Cubone sighed in frustration. He knew that in a one-on-one fight, Gengar would be the victor. Still... he had to try."Never!" Cubone exploded with a Double Edge, but simply passed through the ghost. He quickly turned and threw the bone, his weapon of choice, directly at the spook. Again, the attack was futile as it passed straight through the menacing ghost.

"You can hurt me. You are vastly outmatched.Type advantages are with me..." Gengar extended his arm and punched Cubone in the face. A Shadow Punch from a Gengar was nothing to write home about, but it was enough to send the small ground type to the floor. Gengar followed up his attack with several more punches, each one having more of an impact as the one before. 

"Get up!" Gengar commanded. Cubone oblidged. Slowly, but he still eventually made it to his feet. He staggered forward, barely able to see straight. He could see something though. Gengar was forming something... a ball of energy... Cubone knew that a Shadow Ball was on the way. From a Gengar, Cubone would be finished for sure. He had to do something... anything...

Acting on instinct alone, the dazed Cubone mustered his strength and threw his bone once again.His eyes must have been playing with him, because his bone wasn't his. It was purple... it had a glow about it. Cubone tried to focus, but all he could see was his weapon hurtling towards the ghost. Then, a blackout.

Cubone's energy didn't permit him to stand any longer, but his ears still worked. He heard the Gengar howl in pain; it sounded like some sort of monster growling with anticipation for its next kill. Something was off, however... this was a groan of pain, not pleasure. Cubone struggled to open his eyes expecting to see the form of his attacker, but it wasn't so.

Before him was the vision of a Marowak. Not a normal Marowak, but one that glowed with the same aura that had enveloped his weapon with it's last effort of success. It was... a ghost?

It wasn't until the entity spoke that Cubone knew... "It's alright, my son." The voice of Marowak was soothing. Relaxing. Comforting. "It's over. Sleep now, my child."

When Cubone was able to regain consciousness, he was greeted by several members of the police force. Growlithes and Hoot-Hoots crowded the area, with a sporadic Chatot and Taillow investigating the upper levels of the ruined mansion. He was met with congratulations and praise, but didn't know why until he saw the result of battle. 

Gengar was on the ground. Dead. Not ghost pokemon dead, but dead dead. "The others?" Cubone questioned. A Growlithe responded "They vanished. Gone. We don't know why he is still here." The hound motioned to the downed ghost. Cubones fellow officers helped him to his feetto take him to the nearest Center and Nurse Joy. 

On the way out, Cubone turned to Gengar and closed his eyes. "Thanks mom."



Sorry about that. I kinda thought up this thing while I was writing/typing it. Hope it's not too bad. If I had to pick a game, I guess this is Pokemon and L.A. Noire mixed.