Unlike most epic stories that are told, this was not a stormy night. Oh no... it was a bright and sunny day. Birds chirping their songs of life and the smell of blooming flowers filled the soldiers senses.

On one side of the battlefield, redcoats loading their muskets for the first engagement. On the other side, a ragtag group of guys stand scattered about, talking amongst themselves. They look to be unorganized at best, possibly militia, willing to seemingly get shot at and walked over.

In the middle of the field was a large and ominous tree. In that tree was a hooded/cloaked fellow. He seemed to be doing nothing but observing the situation, picking his time to strike... like an assassin... (get it? probably not...)

Suddenly, a lone soldier emerged from the Redcoat side of the field. T'was an older looking chap with a ridiculous fake white wig. He rode horseback with his nose bouncing pompously in the air. On the opposite side of the field a scruffy man emerges from the ragtag group on a sickly-looking mount. 

"Your men are no match for my own." Snobbed the stuck-up englishman. "But, I wish to spare their useless lives. The Crown can always use more slaves."

The scruffy fella seemed a bit offended, and with good reason. His men stood in opposition of the crown... for freedom in a new united nation of colonies. Yes, these farmers were not trained as the invading English were, but they fought with purpose.

"You'll see just how useless these men can be when their hand is forced. Run back to your crown, and tell him he has no place here!" A roar of cheers bellowed from behind him; his militia army united in their desire for freedom. 

"Now, now, let's not act rashly. We can settle this in the old manner. A one on one duel; your best against my best, winner takes the field." The Redcoat smirked cockily. The freedom fighter seemed a bit surprised, for he was brave but not stupid. His men would be easily bested in an open field engagement. For the sake of their lives, he had no choice to agree, and simply nodded in agreement.

"Smashing!" The arrogant redcoat snapped. "KUUUUUMAAAAA" he beckoned. From the nearby brush, a giant brown bear became visible. It stood on its back legs, roared violently, and walked to his master.

"A... a bear?!" The scruffy lad yelped. The redcoat chuckled to himself. The militia calmed down considerably upon seeing their opponent. They wanted freedom from England, but surely anyone thatfought that bear would be massacred. Theleader of the militia knew this, and nearly stepped forward to fight the bear himself when a voice from the crowd emerged.

"I'll fight it." The man said as he walked through his fellow soldiers. OHe wore the same garb as his men-in-arms, but the left pectoral area of his shirt showed the combination of 'N7'... his name... was Kevin.

He slowly walked to the center of the battlefield, where only Kuma now stood. The bear had to be about seven or eight feet tall; a towering creature for a mortal man to overcome. N7 reached the bear and slowly took off his shirt for added maneuverability. Somehow, it looked as though he was oiled up as his muscles glistened in the sun.

Ready... FIGHT!

Kuma quickly stepped forward with an opening jab. N7 easily side-stepped the beast and delivered a quick warning jab to the underarm area of the bear. This seemed to piss Kuma off, and caused the creature to growl like a werewolf or something of that sort. It was then that Kuma extended his massive paws to the lft and to the right, effectively preventing another sidestep.

Kuma rushed forward and grabbed N7 in a hug... a bear hug, if you will. N7 struggled to breathe as he tried elbowing and punching the beast in the head area. It was useless, of course. Kuma was much more bada$$ than that.

The hooded man in the tree finally began to move. He quickly made his way to the top of the tree and fired a blowdart at Kuma. It spiraled through the air and hit its target with a thud. Kuma groaned in pain as he stumbled backwards, effectively freeing N7. Kuma could barely stand as he tried to remove the foot-long dart pertruding from his neck. 

This was all N7 needed, as he composed himself for his assault. First, it was a single straight chop to the bears abdomen. Then, a series of jabs and chops to the rib and gut area, each one met with an aimalistic growl of pain. A flurry of high-pitched yelps accompanied each strike from N7... high-pitched but very very manly.

Finally, the magical feet came into play as Kuma received several roundhouses to and around the head and face. The last kick was the deathdealer though, as N7 inadvertantly kicked the dart further into the bears neck. All the way in.

Kuma collapsed face-first to the grass with a low moan. The brown bear had been effectively defeated. N7 held his ribs as he strained to stand up straight. 

"This day... marks... our Idependence Day!"

*Cue cheers and such from his fellow soldiers*



-I guess I should explain this. I feel that if I don't people will say I'm an idiot... they still may, and I wouldn't blame them. Anyways, I saw the quotes from the founding fathers in N7Kevin's profile, so I adopted the time of the Assassins Creed game that is set in the old Revolution (The Assassin in the tree, get it now?). I used my knowledge of these battles from The Patriot film starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. The buildup to the fight and the premise is from the opening scene of the film Troy with Brad Pitt. The fight stems from the Bruce Lee references (glistening muscles and high-pitched yelps) and a fight with Kuma from Tekken. I always thought it would be cool to fistfight a giant bear and win. The last line of dialog is from the Presidents speech from the Independence Day film. I did this kinda on a whim, so if it's not done correctly, blame it on that.-