As, the other day, an excellent show finally wrapped up with a mostly fitting conclusion, so too must my thirty for thirty September blogging challenge on the final day of the month. I think I've done pretty decently thus far, and I hope to not disappoint with today's final blog as well, as I feel I at least owe it to you guys to see things out to the very end in proper fashion. In order to show that I too have truly been paying attention to the worldly going ons about me throughout the duration of my thirty for thirty for the month, I would like to accomplish several different things within this single blog. Instead of telling you guys what I aim to complete beforehand however, in my normally laid out fashion, I think I'll take a turn for the unexpected and simply see where this leads, and force you to read on in order to figure out for yourself... Take it or leave it, as you will.


First of all, I just want to thank those of you who have at least offered your support in more ways than one throughout my month of blogging rampage. Now, not trying to sound like the author who includes ten pages worth of special and honorable mentions in the preface to his book however, I will still mention each and every single one of you, for all the space it may waste. I'd count it as a worthy sacrifice indeed, and it is completely worth it. Without further ado, here we go...

For their Comments:



Saturday Morning Replay

Will Sora Layton

Marco Polo

Tim Gruver



The Rolling Gamer


Morris Moore






David Chandler



Luis E. Morales Falcon



Cru Hunter


MSF codforlife




Chris Mrkvicka




For/From their Ideas:

Jeremy Sturgill

Game Informer Staff


Josh Straub

O'Dell Harmon


I'm feeling  a little bit dangerous and on the wild side now, seeing as I've done everything completely without convention thus far, so I'm thinking I'll include the blog I had the most fun writing during this time period...or rather, the three, because I couldn't really choose a favorite. No links- sorry, but I'm tired of making it seem like I'm marketing my blogs and trying to force them down your throats. If you really want to read them, feel free to check them out on my blogs page- they aren't too far down the list, I assure you... Anyway, allow me to explain...

"RealTalk- Pitching an Idea for Life"

My Day 1/30 blog was such a blast to write, and I still can't get over how well I started things off (IMO), as I think you guys received the series' beginning pretty well as well, which was a bonus of course as always.

"Entering the Heart of Darkness"

How could I not include my lengthiest and most informative blog of the series on this list? My Day 8/30 was a graphic and brutal one, but I wouldn't have missed utterly spoiling Spec Ops: The Line's story for the world, or one thousand other blogs.

"Unfinished Business"

Day 22/30 might seem like an innocuous and perfectly mundane day, but for any of you who read either Jeremy Sturgill's benefits of a single playthrough of a game, or my blog on the benefits of multiple replays know- things got pretty interesting and informative really quick.

Honorable Mention (of sorts): "Nearing the Finish"

My penultimate 30/30 challenge blog on Day 29/30 was as good a near finish as you can get for the price it was written at (hint: it's free). Therefore, I think I included all the right things in order to build up to this point, and I think I can safely rest easy and say that I did my job for the month afterwards as well.


I've promised (or did I?) to keep this blog within a reasonable length, or at least, have tried to keep it relatively simple for your eyesight's sake after trudging through the past twenty-nine for the past month, so I'll keep this final section short for your sake as well. I just want to once more thank everybody who supported me, read my blogs, rated, commented on them, and otherwise even breathed around here while I wrote the darn things. It might not seem like much, but it meant a lot along the way, and I know I wouldn't have been able to find the time between work and work in order to blog- whether it be short or otherwise, without you guys. So, it is with a heavy heart that I now inform you that my 30/30 September blogging challenge is now at an end and complete. I am the overlord and have killed all the bad dudes in order to get here. In layman's terms, I've beat the game...for this time anyway, as I may yet attempt this insanity in the future- you never know. Anyway, seriously- thanks for your time, and be sure to tune in to one last blog on October 1st (tomorrow), as I add up the many achievements I earned along the way, and talk lightheartedly about a few other things I ran into throughout my blogging extravaganza. After that, I think I'll definitely be taking a much earned and much needed break...for a few days at least. Maybe I'll finally get to work on some more reviews, you just never know with these things... And if I get the confidence up to press the blog and submit buttons, maybe another blog will be on its way as well.

As for now, it's adios muchachos and muchachas, as I head off to the victors' village for my well-deserved break from the games... Until the next time folks, this is your friendly, neighborhood John Wittenmeier signing off.

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Just Achieve It! XBOX 260 Achievement Generator