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En Memorium ♦ Day 11/30

I know that I promised not to do poetry for awhile more, but I actually wrote this one last night in memory of the victims of the September 11th tragedies. I normally do things the opposite way, but I am transcribing a piece from my blog site this time around, because it is quite appropriate. I was going to create a long, drawn out piece about video game deaths of importance, but decided to go for simplicity's sake instead. So here we are, with my shortest blog of all time- a poem to commemorate the events so long ago, yet so fresh and vivid in memory.



Towers, stifling as they fell,

Those flames a licking heels,

Licking as the two-headed dog from Hell.


Licking the jagged wreckage,

The remains timidly crossed,

Licking the holes, the wounds, and the lives eagerly lost.


For such an atrocity, we ask not that bygones be bygone,

Rather that truths be made evident, made fair,

Most fair’r than Saigon.


Let it be known what transpired, in that silver morning glint,

The lives lost at the flip of a switch,

As the building- the tinder, a-lit like common lint.


How’ver, mistaken would you be,

To assume such a thing,

That the event was to be common, commonplace,

And not in memory reign…



Goodnight and good luck my friends. Let us never forget what so many people lost, not just us Americans, but the security lost by men and women all around the world, when they realized just what had happened on those flights.

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