You know- because I am feeling quite lazy and semi-morose as of late, and because I haven't stretched my metaphorical creative legs much in terms of poetry lately, I think I'll take a page from O'Dell's book ( Yes, I think I'm going to opt out of truly writing something long and painful, and instead paint on the canvas of memory and reverie, and make up some other awesome (or overly creme) reservations of such things. Here goes nothing- mind you, it's been a long while since I've produced...



And yes, this piece is literally known as 'Untitled',

Relevant or not, you shall not know,

For forced am I to write it,

With crappy literary elements and grammatically spatial prose,

Although, Although, Although...

E.E Cummings would be proud,

To see   me   type   things   like  this   aloud.

To forgo commonplace poetic laws and rules,

To forget what it means to be cool-

(And to rhyme every time)

To dawdle to dwindle to bottle to read Frindle

(Haven't read that since 4th grade!)

To even sometimes forget to add syntactical proverbs,

To fling out the diction

To stop using commas

To laugh as this causes the derailing run-on sentence friction!

To boast,

To toast,

To change scenes rapidly,

From coast,

To coast,

(How'd we end up in Italy?)

To make up flagspaciouslytryiste words,

To rhyme beans and cheese with curds,

To write about orange and silver,

And to not even try to rhyme anymore.

(Because you can't.)

To create an argumentative and unreliable narrator,

(You can't do that!)

And gain multiple personality disorder in the process,

To threaten to roast,

To return to line 21 to finish that previous rhyming line.

(To coast?)


To coast.


To insert video game references,

Because what's better?

(No, because this is Game Informer!)


Because this is Game Informer.

To switch to free verse,

And then break out into...

I-Ambic Pentamet-errrrrrrrrr.

To sing a ling ling,

A song a long long,

To bust at the seams,

Whilst avoiding GLaDOS' lasers and light beams.

(Told you.)

To keep this thing a-going,

This party pooping truck a-rolling,

Everyone's a-trolling.

(Well, I am anyway)


please don't hate

ee cummings

would   not   relate



With a sudden shift,

A sudden change,

A sudden stanza-y-stanza,

Was sustained.


And now we're back, we're on to the next thing,

Suddenly a couplet, to which we can cling.


That was A-A format,

Really top of the line,

Quite steely and awesome,

It's a quatrain this time.


The lines continue on,

And on,

And on,

It's definitely not a limerick this time,

It's a Journey song.


Sorry about that not so (punny) joke,

I thought it would be (funny) with which to prod,

And poke.


Did you see what I did there?

(You did)

Didn't you?

(I rhymed on separate lines)

A big no-no,

If there ever was something to-


Wait, but you can't do that,

E.E my friend

(Multiple personalities again?)





 whatare         you



And now it's time,

I think I should just end

(el finalmente)

This trainwreck of a thing,

Should have never began,

Should've never been thought up,

But alas it was,


Quite a travesty,

I aplogize,

But it's about time,

I switch languages,

For the final line(s).


Entonces, que voy a hacer?

Mis Maletas?

Vete tambien?

Solo podemos comenzar a esperar...


El fin.


I apologize. I felt quite creative and dastardly. I won't subject you to this again (maybe). But we'll see. (Oh no, I cannot stop rhyming now.) Oh, thank goodness- it stopped. Anyway, it'll be back to serious writing for tomorrow's blog, I promise. Seriously serious. Possibly. But anyway, it's time for my customary salud. So... Adios.

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