Since my 30/30 has been moving along pretty swiftly, or at least at a pretty rapid pace, I figured the best thing I could do for a blog each week, as a kind of in-between, would be to recap the previous week. You can thank me later, if you've missed the other blogs. But really- please give them a whirl if you're interested in seeing some of my opinions on certain matters, gaming related or not-so. Here's what I've set up for today's agenda, although I do apologize for getting it out so late- I've been quite busy lately...


Day 1/30: Pitching an Idea for Life

This blog talked about something quite peculiar, and was- in my mind anyway, and excellent stepping-on moment for my 30/30 journey for the month of September. If you'd like to figure out what exactly this particularly strange idea was, then by all means, read the blog by clicking on the above link. I'll be a little mystical and mysterious with this one only, don't worry.

Day 2/30: So Easy a Caveman Can do It

This blog is pretty simple to explain in concept actually. It basically talked about the benefits of having an easy or easier mode in games, and described why people shouldn't be so quick to trash these modes- for a variety of reasons.

Day 3/30: When Duty Calls, Do We Answer?

First of all, the answer is generally, yes. But anyway, I am getting ahead of myself there. This particular blog concerned the evolution of first person shooters from once simple-minded games with clear instructions, to sometimes overly complicated missions and stretched parameters that have messed with our minds and guns today. Basically, change in a nutshell.

Day 4/30: Breaking the Cycle

This blog was slightly different from the last, mainly because it focused on another genre of games, and one series in particular- Assassin's Creed. I mused somewhat about the upcoming release in October, talked a bit about previous launches, and brainstormed three major ideas that could truly change things for the series in terms of gameplay and story- all the while proving their benefits and merits, and showing how easily and successfully they could be implemented. Ubisoft developers please take note.

Day 5/30: Talking the Talk

This blog was actually somewhat split into two parts for lack of time that day, this "half"- half being the nonoperative word, being much shorter than the second. Basically, this blog talks about the efforts behind design and even dreaming up video games, and earnestly appeals to your wiser side- warning against the game industry for those not truly invested. In a nutshell, again.

Day 6/30: Walking the Walk

As I said, this is the second portion of the game developing blog- a genre of blogging which I've written about before, but not so much in as much detail, and with much more personal anecdote thrown in it would seem. This particular blog talks about the merits, once more, to designing and thinking creatively, while also picking up more on the days leading up to game launches- showing off GTA V as a fast approaching example.

Day 7/30: Breaking the Addiction

This blog talks about what makes many first person shooters- the Call of Duty series specifically, so appealing and enthralling to fans, and why they often keep coming back for more and more, despite their reservations and better judgment. There is a thing called conscience, but we obviously ignore it when it comes to women, beer, and cold, refreshing, CoD. Jokes aside, this is an eye opening look at what seems blatantly clear to me. So check it out.

Day 8/30: Entering the Heart of Darkness

One of my longest blogs of all time possibly, this lengthy piece draws many connotations and parallels between the film Apocalypse Now, the short story Heart of Darkness, and the game Spec Ops: The Line. It is a very graphic piece mainly due to the violence and images pictured and discussed, and a conversation not for the faint of heart- nor for those who would rather avoid spoiling the vast majority of the game in question. This is my most recent 30/30 blog before today's recap piece, so be sure to head on over and look through it...if you dare.


Well, I know it's been pretty short, but I've got a lot of other things to do tonight, before it gets much later, and I'd like to make it to bed at a semi-decent hour of the morning, so... You'll have to excuse me while I slink off to ponder what evil topics I can discuss with you guys via blog format for my second week of this September 30/30 challenge. Good night and good luck with your own blogs and other works. See you all in the morning, possibly.

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