Haters gonna hate!

        A long time ago, in a world not all too different than our own. A video game by the name of Gears of War came chainsawing and active reloading its way to our fresh new Xbox 360s. The year was 2006, Mozart turned 250, the first case of the bird flu had been confirmed in the UK and the Chinese River Dolphin or Baiji, became extinct. An eventful year indeed!  This was also the year that I swore, all Gears of War games to follow the first would never touch my console. 

Gears of ...wtf just happened?

        My journey down the locust ridden hole of Gears 1 left me with a bitter sweet taste at the conclusion. I was impressed by the graphics, cover mechanics and the fantastic weapon ideas making the game a blast to play solo. A lack luster ending and controller throwing-ly hard multiplayer turned any good time I had had with the games single player into blinding rage that no amount of executions or chainsaw dismembers could cure. I was furious! Gears had taken what little love I had for it and shotgunned it in the face, leaving it to bleed out and die in the cold dead night. All while the rest of my friends were basking in glory in their new found favorite game franchise. 

          After taking more than my fair share of online whoop downs I moved on, put Gears behind me and went on to play other titles. Games came and went, Call of Duty, Halo, Dead Rising, Elder Scrolls, all welcome and amazing distractions to cleanse my Gears tainted palette. In the end, their was always that cog in the back of my mind (no pun intended) that kept cranking away and bringing Gears to mind, longing to give it a second shot.

Second chances aren't always good

            "Gears 2! Alright alright! Let's do this!" I shouted to myself as I popped in the disc for a second chance at redemption for my online woes. Plowing through the story like fat kid plows through the doors of a candy store, I felt superbly ready to tackle the online world, Lancer in tow! First match goes by without a hitch netting me a few kills and a few deaths. "Ok" I said to myself "this isn't so bad." Just as that last word passed through my lips. . .shotgun fest came back with a gnashing vengeance. One match became two losses, then two became four, four became eight and the dark black cloud that was Gears multiplayer came back and settled in for an extended stay on my gaming ego. 

           Shotgun blasts echoed off my blood ridden character. Sniper shots exploded my head with deadly accuracy and grenades magically landed at my feet at all turns. I was again, crushed. Defeated by not only the $60 I had spent on a game that I wanted to love but just by the sheer fact of how much I thought I was ready to lay down the law online. I again went back to filing up on other titles, whilst again my friends enjoyed Gears 2. Little did I know that just down the road lay the answer to all my problems. .


           Gears 3 had arrived. Needless to say I was apprehensive to purchase a game that had burned me twice. I put my trust into Cliffy B. and his promise to change all complaints and shortcomings of the past titles, without tainting what makes Gears of War fun and fantastic to play in the first place. Storyline wise, the game was spot on. A little dip in the action by the middle of the game was about the only real gripe I had personally. Though the time had come to nut up or shut up. I put all co-op challenges, horde mode and beast mode aside and made an E-Day sized attack on the world of Versus Multplayer. 

The Storm Breaks

           Welcome to the jungle! Versus mode fired up and I was off, on a mission. A mission to not only redeem my honor but to breaketh the faces of my foes with my boot heel! Roadie running and cover transition was smooth, targets seemed to act like magnets to my lancer's ammo cache. Chainsaws revved and ripped through enemies like butter. The lancer was finally a functional and highly powered weapon of mass destruction rather than a companion piece to the gnasher. To quote Mr. Cliff Bleszinski via twitter "Gears 3 is no longer a one weapon game, you have to adapt to survive." Low and behold it was true! My prayers to the gaming gods had been answered! Match after match the smile on my face became bigger and bigger. No more was I the feeble fresh meat to Gears Multiplayer. The prey had become the hunter and Gears of War 3 had turned all those feelings of hate and resentment towards the game, into a crack like addiction to its blood splattering gameplay.

A week after the games release

           In the end I'd like to say "Congrats" to Mr. Bleszinski and all the hard working team members over at EPIC games on a job well done. You have turned a Gears hater into a Gear head! So to all the gamers out there like me who have banned and thrown away all hope of Gears of War being a long lasting title with great multiplayer appeal. I say to you. . . "BUY THIS GAME."


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