I have not played any Poke'mon games after the third generation. To be entirely truthful, I do not know what caused this lapse in joyful game playing, however I can say that I am sad about it. My older brother started my Poke'mon journey with an old Gameboy (yes original, not a color) and a copy of Blue version. I, being a child who lived secluded in the mountains without TV or many movies was elated. I was about 5 when this happened, and if memory serves I even learned how to spell off of it. My journey into the Poke'mon world would continue from here.

Later memories have me receiving a crystal version for my 7th birthday along with a gameboy advance. I only ever beat it once, but I loved it. The ability to see new sprites and experience color was a major milestone in my development as a gamer. I remember immersing myself in the world of Poke'mon and nearly falling into a trance while playing the game.

Next came Emerald version which I didn't actually get until years later with my grandparents on a trip to the Grand Canyon. They took us inside a game store then gave my brothers and I 40 dollars to buy anything we wanted. It was a major score if I do say so. Emerald stands out to me as one of the best games I have ever played in not just the Poke'mon series. I don't know what specifically spoke to me compared to other Poke'mon games, but I loved it more than any before. I can understand why so many want Nintendo to remake it.

All of this backstory serves to bring you to the present which is me as an 18 yearold in college. I am almost out of my Freshman year and I got a grand idea. I am going to go back and play every Poke'mon game. I spent almost an entire paycheck going back and buying every generation, with some minor exceptions. I bought only the main games, none of the Mystery Dungeon games or puzzle games. I also only bought one version from each generation.

Yellow (Gen 1)

Crystal (Gen 2) SoulSilver (Remake Gen 2)

Emerald (Gen 3)

Platinum (Gen 4)

Black (Gen 5)

Black 2 (debatably Gen 5/sequel)

Y (Gen 6)

I am going to go through an replay all of these, starting from the remake of Silver, Soul Silver. I really want to see how they remade the game and make some detailed notes about it. I also want to relive a new and detailed version of the game I love. I am then going to skip Emerald and move straight to Platinum. The reason I am doing this is because I have played emerald before and want to save both Yellow and Emerald for the end of this playthrough. I think it will give me a great sense of wonder to start with the replay and then the new games. I can then retrospectively go back and play the originals. So stay tuned for my saga of Soul Silver which I will begin posting haphazardly over the next few weeks.

I will update my blog after every gym and give my basic impressions of the game as a whole from a Poke'mon lover who is getting back into the game. If you follow this saga thank you, and have a good one.