Ok everybody, its devil's advocate time: Microsoft did the right thing.  On Thursday night, Microsoft confirmed suspicions by announcing that the Xbox One (which is a terrible name) can only be offline for a day before it will just stop working, at least until it gets connected again.  Additionally, publishers will have the option of charging a fee on all used sales of their games.  At the moment, all publishers have said they are still weighing the options, but we can probably assume some publishers (EA is a likely candidate) will charge this fee.  Trading games, selling games, even letting a friend borrow a game all will be changed to make gaming more expensive for consumers. 

            I'm not much different than the people who are furious with Microsoft for this decision.  I frequently use Gamefly, I have a rewards card at Gamestop, and I would say I buy used for about 75% of my games.  When I was younger I couldn't afford a lot of games, so borrowing from friends was very important in keeping my gaming habit alive. 

            Here's where we split: while many gamers and even gaming journalists are saying Microsoft is going to kill the video game industry, I think Microsoft may just have saved it.  How many game developers have closed down in 2013?  How many have laid off half of their staff?  Pubs and devs are getting killed by used game sales, because Gamespot and Gamefly keep the profits.  Shouldn't the people who created a game get paid for every person that plays it?  Somehow a distinction has been made between game devs and musicians.  Musicians are supposed to get paid for people listening to their music, but developers can't get money for making their games? 

            I don't want the developers of games I love to lose their jobs for "only" selling three million copies.  This market is broken right now, and its about time we figured out how to keep gaming alive in the way we all love it now.  Eliminating all the companies who aren't creating Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed isn't healthy.  Before you throw Microsoft under the bus and declare that you won't buy their console, maybe think about the people making those games you love.  One last thing too: Sony has yet to take any stance on the whole issue.