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Game Characters' Second Jobs

The economy being what it still is, many prominent video game personalities have had to supplement their incomes with a little moonlighting. Here's a list of digital folks who have put their experiences to good use. Or, you know, not.


Kratos: Chiropractor.

Kratos uses his significant knowledge of anatomy to relieve patients of their pain.


You may feel a little pressure


Link: Speech therapist.

'Cause he's a good listener. That makes sense, right?


Nothing creepy about a kid who looks like this and doesn't talk. Ever.


Gordon Freeman: Carnival barker. As far from theoretical physicist as possible, because that worked out so well...


Nice going, Gordo


Sackboy: Rosin bag


No, don't let Mr. Sluggo pitch this inning NOOOOOOOOO!!!!


Monkey: Etiquette advisor


Yeah, this guy knows what a finger bowl is


That Faceless, Nameless, First Person Shooter Guy: Assembly line worker


Because there's nothing like doing the same thing over...and over...and over deargodmakeitstop!


Ico: Tour guide


"C'mon! We got some climbing to do. You'll love it!"


Fallout Guy: Interior decorator


"Hey, this gives me an idea for the master bedroom."


Okami/Amaterasu: Fire dog


Do you smell something? 'Cause I smell something



Finally, Burnout driver: Mulch


Yeah, that's not gonna last