As you've just clicked on my very first blog, I'd like to share my thoughts on Halo. First things first, I want to tell you I'm not a great writer; you'll likely see mountains upon mountains of misused words and punctuation. I would also like to point out that my vocabulary is very limited. Which is why I haven't had the courage to post blogs. But I believe I've bettered myself over the last year so hopefully I'm not too awful at this. 

Alright! Now that I have my confessions out of the way, lets say we get down to business. I'm going to mainly talk about the first Halo.

I'm currently not aware when exactly my father bought Halo (I'm positive it was in the year of its release), but I remember why he purchased that black box. It was because our PS2 had been afflicted with the "cannot read disc" errors, rendering the system useless to us. Apparently this happened to a lot of people.

So this happened:

I believe; after he check it himself (the PS2), I was growing tired of waiting for our PS2 to be fixed - as I had a game rental. I ended up breaking it altogether, and boy was I terrified by the fact I had broke it completely... 

 Well one day he decided to walk in our local Kmart (now out of business due to its across the street competitor, Walmart), and as I stood at there looking at their game collection we waited for the employees to unlock the glass gate. When they arrived to grab our (his) console, he picked up 


Little did I know that was going to be one of my favorite franchises in gaming. And possibly one of the best first person shooters of all time. While I don't necessarily think it deserves "FPS King", it's still a fantastic game nearly everyone enjoys. 

So, we took our newly purchased console down to our trailer right next to the Wabash river. As I eagerly awaited my father connecting all the cords, fired up the console, put the disc in, well... Ughh, shoot I don't remember much! I think I put in the demo games that came with the console, which they weren't any good, but I played them regardless. 

I was eight or nine years old, gimme a break! All I remember is how amazing Halo was! I'm very positive it took me quite some time to get acquainted and adjusted with a twin stick FPS. I actually enjoyed the game so much that I stayed awake past 12am, not very impressive but hey, I was only eight-nine years old! 

The game itself had (still does!) much atmosphere and has such a vivid landscape, it was pretty awe inspiring. At least to this eight year old it was a jaw-dropping experience. Not to mention one of best spit-screen action in any game. Each map had very unique and clever designs, great weapon placements, very nice spawn points, and just overall a blast to game next to your buddies! 

I simply cannot describe how much fun I had with the series. Halo will forever be one of my favorites games ever to come into existence. Whether or not you agree. 

From Halo 2:

To Halo 3:

And all the way to today's release:

Halo continues to expand and delight its fans.


Well, I'm about to wrap this 'blog' up, if you consider it one. I'd like to point out that I didn't actually get into the details of each game, but I realize that might be a bit too lengthy for my blog. My main intention was getting you to remember the golden days of 2001 and the everlasting memories we've had with Halo. So, hopefully this did the trick. I was inspired to write this blog once I put in my favorite shooter into my console earlier today. It is increasingly difficult to understand my love for this game, and even tougher to take in the fact that Halo is indeed ten years old today. I'm very satisfied that my childhood favorite has received a face-lift today. The only thing that disappoints me in Halo: Anniversary so far is the animations, but hey, it's one helluva remake. 

I look forward to Master Chief's adventures (or misadventures) as it likely has to do with the Forerunners; how do I come to this hypothesis? Because they're making a trilogy book set on the Forerunners (one is already released). Anyone who is interested in Halo what-so-ever should definitely check out the books, graphic novels, and other material.

Feel free to start any Halo related discussion below! And thank you for reading! - Another Matthew