Fellow GIOers! It is indeed my distinguished honor to introduce Extra Life TEAM GIO 2012!  After a very successful inaugural effort, we are here to raise the bar, set the standard, overachieve, and several other phrases and adjectives related to success.  Ultimately, we are here to BREAK THE BANK!


Super special thanks to Turdfurgy for the logo, we are going to update it a bit, but you get the idea!

Extra Life TEAM GIO 2011 was awesome! With over $2300 raised by our 26 team members and numerous donors, we are very proud of what we accomplished in a relatively short period of time.  We got a late start last year, with TEAM GIO being announced just a month before the actual Extra Life event.


I suppose I should explain what I am talking about to our plethora of community members who have joined up in the past year.  Extra Life is a charity that is dedicated to raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Unlike Child’s Play, which is great also, Extra Life takes place on one day, it is a 24 hour Charity gaming marathon.  Last October the event as a whole raised well over $1,000,000 dollars, in fact the ticker that counts the cash broke because they never expected to go over the million mark!


 The ticker...after they fixed it! Total ended up being over 1.3 million!

Jeromy Adams, of Sarcastic Gamer founded Extra Life after hearing of a young lady who had battled cancer multiple times in her young life.   Sadly, Tori Enmon succumbed to her illness, but not before she touched the hearts and souls of everybody who had the fortune to meet her. 


It is quite simple, each team member is responsible for gathering donations.  It works similar to the walk-a-thon principal. You ask people to pledge money per hour that you game.  Many of us start out by pledging a dollar an hour to ourselves, so that means we each donate a minimum of $24 dollars.  Clearly we want to raise as much as we can, but we want ALL interested people to sign up, the sooner the better.  This is also a great way to bond with and get to know your fellow community members.


The good news is, we have quite a while to raise money, as we can start right now and all money earned will count toward our goal.  The totals are tallied after the event ends on Saturday October 20, 2012.  There are no real “rules” other than you need to have fun and try to raise as much money as YOU can as an individual.  As soon as you get donations, you can submit them via the TEAM GIO page, and they will count towards your individual and our team goal.  Nobody is going to monitor you to make sure you game the entire 24 hours, in fact the rule is that you should game for 24 hours total during that time period of late October.  Of course, who doesn’t want to at least attempt to game for 24 hours straight?  So I encourage all of us to try and do that.




There will be much more coming on this event in the near future, so stay tuned.  If you want to learn more about  TEAM GIO 2011, you can read this intro blog and this wrap up blog.


Before I let you go for now, I want to announce the people who will be working hard on TEAM GIO 2012.  We are always interested in more help, and you can also set up your own events as a part of TEAM GIO.


Jack, the quixotic gamer, or as I call him, Jack the GIO intern, will be our go to guy this year! Jack set the example last year for raising money and has shown he has what it takes to take us to the next level!  GIO, I give you Captain Jack Gardner! Savvy!


Noobtubin8er has volunteered to take on role of PR. He will be working with some industry folks to garner support and hopefully get some stuff to give away.  He has already secured some awesome prizes and will continue to work to do so.  Last year, almost every TEAM GIO member won a prize, while we have ambitions of well over 100 members this year, we will still give as many prizes away as possible.


I will be doing everything and anything I can to support Jack, noob, and the entire team!  I challenge you all to make this an event worthy of our fabulous community.  If we get started now, we could realistically become the top team.  Tell your friends, tell your loved ones, force your kids, blackmail your neighbors, bug them all until they sign up and raise money.  When you get a telemarketing call, reverse the role and pressure them to sign up for TEAM GIO 2012.  Make the TEAM GIO logo part of your forum sig, use the banner pic that turdfurgy made as your personal page header. Spread the word!


Get on twitter and bug the GI staff until they have all signed up.   I would never encourage somebody that worked at say…Gamestop (I'm totally not thinking silvershine right now...) to try and get their customers to sign up…just do what you have to do, but most importantly sign up.  Even if you don't think you can raise a bunch of money, sign up anyway.  


Anyway, Jack, Noob and myself will be updating regularly, and you can also hear about the most recent news regarding Extra Life TEAM GIO 2012 on the Jacked up Indie and Mojo Show.  People that participated last year, please leave comments sharing your experience so that others can see for themselves just how awesome this event can be!


Big ole shout out to Stranger for getting the ball rolling this year for TEAM GIO and also for finishing his 31/31 blog challenge with an epic, heartfelt tribute to this amazing community. Thank you sir, your contributions have been more than you know.


You stay classy Gameinformer….Thanks for stopping by!


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