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Well, here we are again, a blank page and I am trying to come up with some witticisms to make this entertaining. Gotta be honest, I'm kind of lacking in the creativity dept. today.

Episode 20, while still a great episode, is one that I feel, and I know Daniel agrees, is one that could have been better.  Not just because I am editing it either.  Though, that certainly doesn't help.

No guests this week, but we do discuss a few things. My metagame with Bioware Customer Service continues to flourish. Though I do think I finally leveled up my CS skill enough to warrant a response from them. It took hours of grinding, but it is done.  Seriously, you guys suck at customer service.


(amazing games, terrible customer service...EA too!)

Community remains the focus of I&MS Inc.  and always will as long as we have something to say about it.  This week we shout out GoldvsSilver and friend of the show, Hist.  GvS has stormed onto the scene in a big way, contributing and being a stand up citizen of GIO. Hist is the epitome of solid. The guy took a chance on a very intersting blog, and we think it payed off.  Please take some time to read their blogs and maybe even their bio pages.

I also tell the fabled story of the *** that was referenced way back in episode 14 or 15. I gotta warn you guys, it isn't really that great, so Dusk Mirage, I hope you are happy.  This could have just slipped on by, but you had to keep bringing it up, and then others chimed in.

The story starts after the stellar Jimi Hendrix tune 'Castles Made of Sand', I was tempted to do a Jethro Tull song in honor of my newest friend and fellow JT enthusiast  Neophile Steve, but I already had my mind set on Jimi.  If you don't want to hear the story, then just stop the show after the song.  There is nothing perverted about the story, it is mostly comical(unless you are me), but I do use some colorful language.


We really appreciate GoldvsSilver and Jakx150 giving us itunes reviews. Very well thought out reviews too! I review their reviews 5 Stars!

Speaking of itunes, you can find us there and of course our home away from our GIO home is on podomatic.


 Also, many people have asked about why we aren't on PSN/XBL lately.  Long story for both of us, but we should be back soon and looking forward to playing games with many of you!

Remeber to get a hold of Derreck to participate in Reader Recap, and also you can follow the GIO community twitter account @GIOCommunity that is currently administered by Jack! 


Well the formatting is off, but you get the idea! Give these GIOers a big round of applause for helping make the show awesome this week!!!



You stay classy gameinformer.......unlike me.