So many are asking, "Mojo, man, what happened to the show. I cannot find it on itunes, podomatic, or even right here on GIO!"  To those worrywarts, I say fear not, as the show is now back online!  You may want to know what happened, well it's a long story, so just trust me when I say I did something stupid, not a stretch, I'm sure!  The worst part will be putting all the links back in, as you know, a blog by mojo has more links than a LoZ: Four Swords convention!

There will be a lot of pictures in this blog in honor of our resident Phlogger! (credit to Saint for the term Phlogger!)

This weeks show is the longest episode of The Indie and Mojo show to date, it's also the first time that one of the hosts is absent. Daniel could not be here, as he had pressing legalissues to attend to. Quell those concerns contrarians, he shall return someday soon.  Shootist2600 makes his on air debut, the fabled lost episode is still lost.  We greatly appreciate Shootist' willingness to give us another chance. Speaking of Daniels meager contribution to the show, I am tasked with editing this week, so the polish is missing. I got the job done, but it is rough around the edges, and there are a lot of edges.  Indie does request that I tell you he loves you, as usual, the love is not even across the board, he loves some more than others. I wonder why he always calls me others.  So kick back, relax, get your healthy snacks and drinks and enjoy the experience that is The Indie and Mojo Show!

Okay, maybe not THIS comfortable, this would be a good time for the stupid arrow to the knee gag



*Skyrim. That's our show folks, hope you enjoyed! 

*We intend this to be our last major discussion of this game, however we reserve the right to change our minds!

Okay, okay, we DO talk about Skyrim, a lot. Hey, it's a hot game right now and it isn't like we are the only ones doing it.  We don't just talk about the gameplay and amazing parts, we aren't afraid to tackle the controversy surrounding this title either.  Shootist(protip, his name is Kyle, don't tell him I said so), runs down his top five games of 2011, and together we fantasize about the games of 2012 that have our dragonbornsenses tingling. We are both stoked for Bioshock: Infinite, and you should be too, even if Kyle cannot say the name correctly.  I didn't mention it in the show, but I have a megaton of hope for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. To me it is looking like I had hoped Skyrim would be, except with a Fableish vibe.


Courtesy of the Skyrim Tourism Coalition--"When in Tamriel, you could do worse!"

MOJO MESS UP--At about the 22 minute mark(it was not planned that way, I swear!) I tried to get creative and I overlaid a beautiful rendition of The Dragonborn Comes as we begin our positive discussion of Skyrim. It unintentionally drowns Kyle out for a little less than two minutes, please excuse my error.

I was finally able to pick my jaw up off the floor long enough to have a discussion with Shootist about the mid season 2 finale of The Walking Dead. We spend a good 22:22 discussing this from about 55 minutes until around 1 hour 18 minutes. Spoilers abound, so be warned!

I would say a well rounded cast! With few plot holes! Oh, it hurts to be this funny.

Kyle and I confess our undying love for each other, well it isn't quite that bad, but if you are sensitive to these sorts of things, then look out.  It didn't seem so bad as we were doing it, but the playback!  Of course, that goo fest is nothing in comparison to our admiration and adoration we share for the Game Informer Online Community.  We more or less embrace Brony culture, as in we tolerate it and think you should too!  Noobtubin8ercontinues to wow us and I continue to want to type his name as Noobtubin*er! Why do I always want to shift the 8?  I shout out Eyros2k and tell him that I miss having him around,  hopefully he can find more time for us in the future. Also, Derreck, a great community member is always looking for participants in his Reader Recap series. Would you kindly volunteer?



I would coop with these guys anyday! Though I would be left out because I would make 5 and am by far the least talented gamer.


 There are some big announcements in the show, so you had better listen!  We will be doing giveaways again soon. Many people have asked me about guests. The thing is that it is very challenging coordinating guests across the entire world!  Time zones, schedules, and many technical variables come into play.  That does not mean that we will not have guests, and certainly all the ones we have committed to will get an opportunity, we just want to evaluate how we do it.  So stay tuned on that front!  Yes, Saint will be on the show someday, whether he knows it or not? Not sure.

I want to mention our newer listeners(that I know of), we really appreciate all the support that you guys give us! Thank you! JC, jakx150, Redlitez76, Delancey, and anybody else I may have forgotten!

Alright, the moment you've all been waiting for! You can find us in the following areas!  If you happen to be bored and wanted to write an honest itunes review, well I'm not going to stand in your way. (click on the pictures to open the show!)


Ending music is Hurricane by the uncomparable Bob Dylan, fun fact, my son is named after Bob Dylan!  Overlay music is from Malukah, she is amazingly talented, a lot of video game remixes, she has.


 The times they are a changin'

More talent than I will ever have, and much better looking!


You Keep it classy gameinformer....................................Thanks for stopping by!

Can you believe I went a whole show and blog without saying that butters my biscuits! Crap.

The following images are teaser images. If I was smart, I would have done a countdown teaser image to the teaser images.