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"Welcome one and all to episode 15 of the Indie and Mojo Show! As always I'm mojomonkey12, and phoning it in as usual is Daniel! Say hi to the adoring fans Daniel............................................................."

That's how the show started. After several minutes of trying to solve some technical issues(as in indie technically hates Mac's!), Indie decided to use his cell phone and do the show that way. Shootist and I were on Skype laughing at lamenting his unfortunate situation. We almost scrapped the show, then we almost scrapped the Indie part of the show, but that just seemed odd. Indie is an important part of the show, doing it without him would have made me feel like I was being unfaithful, I just couldn't do it. Though I will in a heartbeat next time.

So here's the bad news, let me just get it out there. There is no Episode 15. It just didn't record correctly. We always do tests, and this was no exception. I have recordings of me and Shootist from the night before, from right before we called Daniel and even while talking to Daniel right before we started the for real show. Somehow the actual show only recorded myself, not Daniel, not shootist. This really burns my biscuits!

It's NOT a good thing!


Many of you probably wouldn't even notice it I posted just the audio of me, as I have been known to talk way too much and interrupt people. However some of our more detailed oriented listeners would certainly have noticed.

Let me now sincerely apologize to Shootist2600. He put up with a bunch of technical issues, waited for us to be ready, rearranged his whole schedule, and was a stellar guest. Seriously, he is one of my all time favorite GIOers, and I am even proud to consider him an actual friend(though, he may not feel the same about me, especially now!), and the wit, wisdom, and grace that he portrays in text on the site was exactly how he was on the show. We feel terrible for not being able to bring that to all of you, and for wasting his time. Shootist. Please understand that I truly feel terrible, please talk to me again!

We talked about the usual, my perpensity to kill Shootist when we play Dead Island, the fact that I didn't kill him much in BF3, and of course Skyrim. We also talked about several blogs that had been posted and of course we kept our focus on the GIO community.

Shootist gave a big time Indie and Mojo show shout out to the one and only Noobtubin8er for his stellar contributions to the community as of late. This guy has burst onto the scene like a stripper jumping out of a cake, except the stripper happens to be a girl you dated semi seriously so at first you don't know how to react but then you realize you should just go with it. Not that Noobtubin8er broke my heart or anything, he just makes me say wow......and I feel like giving him dollar bills. Mr. tubin8er def deserves the nod, great work!


I used my shout out to say hey to Levon, er Zen SPLOG Assassin Levon that is. I think Levon has been around for a while, but I have really noticed some good things lately, not just in blogs, but more importantly the class and respect he brings to our community.

Some of you may not know this but Levon sells cartoon baloons in town, his family business thrives, Jesus(his child, not that he is God) spends the whole day blowing up the balloons, then he sits on the porch swing and watches them fly.  Levon himself was born a Pauper to a pawn on a Christmas day, I remember the newspaper headline saying that God is dead and that the war had begun.

Okay seriously, Levon is a great GIOer, so thanks man and keep up the great work!

Daniel, we call him Daniel, you know him as Indie has been very busy. His house finally closed and he had to move in with the 'rents for a bit. He didn't have a megaton of spare time again, so he didn't get a chance to read all of the blogs, he wanted me to tell you that he loves all of you. Some more than others.

Our contest this week is for a chance to win a code(KT97-EP45-087A) for Chrono Trigger on PSN.  This code is courtesy of Square Enix! That's right folks, we are making connections in the industry.....or we are just bugging them enough that they give in.  For a chance to win all you have to do is read and  comment on Shootist2600's blog for his FanFic Fellowship announcement.  It would be nice if you wanted to write your own FanFic Fellowship.  Daniel and myself joined in the fun, check them out!

Thank you Square Enix for supporting The Indie & Mojo show! We truly appreciate it, and for the record, that is a sample code. The winner will be drawn at random and sent the code via conversation! You have until Midnight on November 30th to enter!

Our music this week was courtesy of our very own Andrew Reiner's band Tripping Icarus! Thank you Reiner for allowing us to use your work, maybe on the next show we won't screw it up!

So that's it. I truly am sorry to all of our fans, not just for this week, but for the past few weeks. We have been very hit and miss with posting, our audio has been atrocious, and we just feel like we could be doing a better job. Stay with us and you shall be rewarded!

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Please subscribe, rate, and most importantly review!


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Finally, to Shootist, I am very sorry, I hope that you have just been real busy lately and that the reason I haven't seen you much has nothing to do with you being mad at me for wasting your time!



Our legal department says that I have to do this:

"You keep it classy Gameinfomer.......................thanks for stopping by!"(that last part is in Sexy Jeremy's voice)