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Hello, friends and neighbors. It's me, mojomonkey12, or just mojo is fine.  Today I bring you my 1st entry in FanFic Fellowship.  If you don't know what this is, well it is a challenge put forth by our resident expert writer Shootist2600. In short the idea is to write fanfic about any video game you want. For the full announcement read the original blog.

A couple of quick announcements:

One or two of you might know me from the wildly popular web podcast The Indie & Mojo Show.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but here I am, in the digital flesh.  You may also know that we often have contests and giveaways on the show.  Well this week we are merging our award winning segment "shout outs" with the contest.  On an upcoming episode, my "shout out" goes to Shootist and his FanFic Fellowship challenge.  Instead of having trivia or something for a contest, I decided to have people comment on his introductory FanFic Fellowship blog

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Great video, although I must say the audio is quite atrocious

So, now you know what FFF is, now you know how this relates to the @indieandmojo show.  Now you know what you could win.  Now you need to know about my story.

I am not a great creative writer by any stretch. I can pump out an entetaining blog pretty quickly when the topic is pre-determined. I enjoy making and creating stories, but I struggle with doing it in a concise manner.

My first story takes place in the Uncharted universe.  It takes place right after Young Nathan Drake meets Victor Sullivan in Colombia. My intent is to continue with this series, making severl stories spanning the gaps between the time they met in 1987 and the time the first Uncharted game released in 2007.  Enjoy!



           I got enough!

1987--Cartegena, Colombia

 "C'mon kid, if you're gonna stick with me you got some things to learn, more importantly I've got an itch that needs scratching. Let's go"

 "Why should I go with you? I can handle myself?" 

 "Fine, consider it doing me a favor, I could use the company"

 Young Victor Sullivan and an even younger Nathan Drake slip away into the crowded Colombia streets, they embark on their adventure together.  This may be the only time they are able to leave in such a calm fashion from any location again, as we all know that their lives together will be full of adventure and mayhem.  It will be 16 years before the world meets Drake and Sully in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, you know these fellas didn't just play mini golf and hang out in the Winnebago all those years!

Voted most likely to have epic adventures


"What could we possibly need in Peru?" Drake, now 15 years old with the experience of those thrice his age, and at times the wisdom of somebody a third his age, questions Sully.

 "Kid, you gotta learn to trust me, there's an old friend here that's holding something for me, I intend to relieve him of that burden.  Why don't you go find yourself something to do and I will catch up with you later.  Meet me at that souvenir stand at 3:00."  Sully wandered off to take care of his task.....

 Young Nathan had no intention of just hanging out and waiting for Sully. He saw an opportunity to earn himself a little spending cash almost instantly.  Across the alley, there was a merchant selling hats, walking sticks, and other small objects.   This merchant had an assistant that was pretty big and intimidating.  The merchant's man did not let too many people pass without calling to them to come over and examine the wares.  People went for fear if they didn't, they would be in danger.  Everybody made a purchase; everybody paid an inflated asking price, there was no bartering here.

 Nathan thought it unfair that these people profit from such practices, he determined he could help alleviate their moral misdoings by taking some of their earnings as his own.  He was far too small to launch an open assault, stealth was his best option.  He needed to get close without being called over to "browse".  He walked the opposite direction, cut into the next alley and then climbed the rickety building until he reached the roof.  Looking down, he saw some crates he could hide behind.  He worked his way to the crates and waited to make his move. He could see the satchel the coin was in hanging from the merchant's man's waist.  Sharp blade, quick swipe, and he would be done.

 As Drake inched his way closer, the merchant's man started calling out to a woman with a young child walking by.  The woman, clearly not from this part of the city, cautiously approached the shop.  The merchant himself tried to charm the woman and get an honest sale, however the poor woman stated she had no money, her husband was missing and her child was ill.  All the money she had was to be used for medicine.  The merchant's man piped up, he said that if she didn't want to have two missing loved ones, she would make a purchase.  Nate's mind went to that of his own mother and father who are lost to him.  He feels the pain and fear of the child and mother.  He decides to get the money, duck around the corner and then see if he can help the woman.  He makes his move and the coins pour out of the purse into his hands.  Nobody is even aware of his presence.  He turns to make his departure and at the same time the merchant turns around to grab a nice hat he thinks the child may like.  He see's Drake and the chase is on.

 Drake manages to outrun his pursuers for a few moments. He is able to hide around a corner and catch his breath. By now the local police have began looking for him as well. He knows he is likely to be cornered soon. He then sees the woman and the child hiding in a corner.  He looks directly at them, down at his newfound wealth and back at them again.  He can hear the guards organizing, he makes a move.  He jumps up on top of the nearest light pole and shimmies his way to the top.  He jumps to a sign hanging on the building the woman and child are huddled by.  He reaches back and tosses the bag of coins and motions them to get out of there.  He then leaps on top of the building, getting the Merchant's attention and causes the authorities to chase him the other way.

 It isn't long before he is captured.  Breath spent, money gone, he plays the part well. He suggests they have the wrong man; after all he doesn't have the coin in question.  Clearly the police are not buying his story.  He refuses to tell what he did with the money, the merchant is convinced he hid it and will only come back to find it later, so he suggests some time in jail might jog his memory.


 "Nate....NATE...Nate?...where the hell did that damned kid go this time?"  Sully lights a cigar and contemplates what his next move should be.

 "Excuse me....sir?" Hesitantly a woman approaches. 

 "Miss, you got the wrong guy, I've been called a lot of things, and deserved most of em, however I am no Sir, though I was once in the Queen's castle and I was a pleasure to at least a few of her servants!"  Sully says in his usual way, though he senses this could be serious.  "Forgive me, I forget myself sometimes....what can I do for you?"  Sully gives the child a big grin.

 "I heard you calling out an American Name....I don't know if, well maybe, I might know this person you are looking for. A boy,  an American boy has been arrested recently. I fear that his accusers will not be kind to him"

 "Aw Nate! I knew I shouldn't have left him alone. Where is he, can you take me there?"  Sully was wondering if this kid was worth all the extra trouble after all.  He was also wondering if this mother needed some comforting of her own.

 "I could, I mean I cannot,....I want to but......."

 "Cmon, out with it, you can trust me"

 The woman goes on to tell Sully the story of how Nate gave her the coin. She is afraid of getting arrested too if she shows up at the jail, and she has already spent some money on medicine and to hire a tracker for her lost husband.  She is afraid that the Merchant will have her killed for spending his money.  She feels obligated to help with the ransom money, yet she knows if she gives back anything less than what is expected, she will probably be killed. She fears she will be anyway if found out to be involved, even if it was involuntarily.  "I just do not know what to do!" The woman sobs.

 "Good thing I have experience in these sort of situations, leave it to me......"

 Meanwhile, at the Peruvian Prison

 "You will tell me where my money is American rat boy! You will die either way, this we both know. The only questions is whether you will die with your limbs intact or not. I know Americans care not for honor, but pain, yes pain is something you understand!"  The Merchant cracks Drake on the top left of his forehead with one of the walking sticks he is so proud of at his store. 

 Nate winces at the pain, but even at a young age, he feels compelled to make light of the situation. "Pain, you get used to pain, and smarter men than you have threatened my limbs before, yet I am still whole and  they are not! So go ahead and do what you say you will do, regardless I am not telling you anyth...." Drake is interrupted with a boot to his knee and a knee to his gut.  "Leave him to consider his options, we will return in 44 minutes, you had better be ready to talk."  The Merchant leaves followed by his thugs.

 "Hey, American boy, you there..." Nate looks over at the other prisoner in his cell.  "I have been here for a week, I was only trying to earn some money to get food and medicine for my family, the Merchant had me arrested, he said only his men could be hired out in this part of town.  He offered me a job that paid nothing and put my honor to question. I refused his offer. I fear for my family, I know my wife, Adriana, is searching for me, I fear if she asks the wrong person, they will take her and my child too."

 "I think I may have met your family, I met a woman named Adriana with a young child. She is searching for you, your child is ill, she needed money for medicine and for somebody to help find you."

 "You say that she did need, as in no longer needs, please tell me she is safe"

 "Yeah, she was the last I saw of her.  She found something I lost, she may be in danger thanks to both of us......."



 "Listen, Adriana, I need your help on this, when we are done, Nate and I will both help you find your husband, Adolpho, we specialize in finding things once thought lost."  "First, take me to your uncle that has the "hardware" shop, I will get what I need and we will meet up two blocks from the jail.  You will drive my jeep to behind the prison.  Then you will walk over here and set off the explosion to distract the guards, once they all move toward the noise, I will sneak in and get Nathan, I will blow a hole in the prison wall and get in the jeep, we will meet back at your cousins house.  All you have to do is park the jeep, create the explosion and get to the safe house. Can you do this Adriana?"

 "Yes, I must try for my husbands sake."  She said not so confidently.

 "Do, or do not, there is no *** try" Snapped back Sully. They both left to do their part. Sully met up with Adriana as planned, he had a shotgun and his trusty Wesson .44, he also bought 4 grenades and two small caliber pistols.  Adriana's cousin had set up some dynamite a block from the prison, with a long fuse Adriana could set off from a safe distance.  He tried to give Adriana a pistol, she refused to take it, she said she would never have the ability to take another's life. Sully drifted back to the time when he first met Nate as she was saying she wouldn't have the ability to shoot another person.  He thought it was interesting how innocence can be lost, for a moment he wondered if Nate's was lost that day, or if he had stolen it from him. Either way, it was in the past, and that moment had started this year long adventure he and Nate were on.

Blame Luke, I do not, Leia is Hot!

 Sully stealthily approached the prison, he wasn't much for climbing or heights so he stayed low and listened to the guards.  It seemed, fortunately that there were not too many on duty at the moment.  Seconds later the explosion went off, as predicted, the majority of the guards went to check out the scene.  Sully snuck into the prison, he dispatched the first guard silently.  He was almost to the cell when he was spotted.

 "Hey! Hey you!. Stop, what are you doing here?"  The guard was finishing his sentence, which turned into his final words as a .44 round landed in his skull.  The noise brought the attention of two other guards, by the time they got to Sully, Sully had found Nate's cell.  He threw a pistol into the cell and took cover.  Sully popped out with his shotgun and took the first guy, then Nate took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. He wounded the second guard, but not enough to stop him.  The guard grabbed sully and took him hostage, Nate threw his gun to the ground and kicked it to the dark corner of the cell.  The guard started threatening Sully and Drake when suddenly he fell dead and let loose his grip of Sully.

 "What the hell happened kid!"  Asked Victor! 

 "I don't know, it was my first time shooting a person, I guess I hit him in the wrong spot" Snapped back Drake.

 "Not that, although we will be doing some target practice, who killed the guy?"

 Out of the dark corner stepped Adolpho, he let the gun slip from his hands.  It was pretty obvious that he had never shot anybody before, probably never fired a gun.  "I,I,I,I didn't mean to....I mean he was going to kill you both right? I had to, please tell me I had to?"  A panicked Adolpho could barely speak let alone move. "My wife will never forgive me for taking the life of another man."

 "Nate, we gotta go, now! I'm blowing the wall, stand back!"  Sully lobs a two grenades at the back wall.

 "We can't leave him! He saved our lives and his wife is in danger because of me."  Nate was not budging.

 "**BRAAAHHHH** Nate, there are others counting on me as well, do you think I organized this whole thing by myself?"  "We have to go, there is a woman I promised I would help, she says she knows you, you gave her some money."

 "ADRIANA! Adriana is my wife, please I am okay now, let me come with you"

 "Figures, if I had planned for this it would have never happened, alright let's go.  Keep the gun, Nate you take this one, we may need them, we have stayed too long."


 As they approached the jeep, Sully saw Adriana on top of the building next to the vehicle. She was being held at gunpoint.  The Merchant and his man were on either side of her.

 "I told you not to cross me! I always get what I want, and now I have all of you right where I want you!"  It seems your wife, Adolpho, has spent our money on your sick child. What good is healing a child when I will kill it anyway? It doesn't matter, at this point all the money in Lima will not save you.  I am going to torture and kill each of you, the people of this town will know better than to cross me!" 

 "What about all the gold in Peru?" Nate spouted out.  "You won't spare us for all the money in Lima, but what about the entire country?"

 "Your desperation is amusing, however I am no fool.  If you had any wealth, you would not be a cutpurse! Am I to believe you do this as a hobby? Filthy American orphan boy!"

 "Keep your cool kid, besides if we tell him where to find it, our client will only have us killed, we are in trouble either way, It has been fun this last year, it was nice knowing you." Sully glanced up at the merchant.

 "What are you talking about? Who are you working for, and what are you searching for?" Demanded the Merchant.

 "No harm in telling him now kid, why not, go for it."  Sully said with a hint of confidence.

 "Alright, well in 1859 there were a bunch of treasure chests stolen from the Peruvian Church. It is said that they were hidden on a remote pacific Island. We were just about to uncover them when all this happened. Really is a shame that once again they will be lost to all." Muttered Drake

Pirates and gamers both love loot, I wonder if gamers that pirate really, really love loot?

 "I am aware of the Peruvian Church treasure; though I doubt you are truly close to finding it, bring me proof."

 Nate and Sully exchange glances. "Alright, well the kid has some notes in his journal  and I have some scrolls, they were translated to English for us, so you won't be able to read them, but here they are."  "Nate, give him your journal."

 "Bring them to me and read them, if you are lying...."

 "Yeah, yeah, you will cut off my balls and feed them to your pig, by the way what is your big guys name?"

 "you would be wise to stop with the insults and week attempt at humor, show me the documents."

 Nate and Sully approach the Merchant who has now gotten on the ground to meet them. Adriana and his thug are still on the roof.  Sully cannot believe his luck, two against one, about that time the merchant stops them. "First take out the documents and put them on the jeep, now throw down all of your weapons, you too Adolpho, is it?"  Stay where you are"

 The merchant approached Nate and Sully, as he got close to look at Nate's Journal, Sully grabbed him by the neck.  "Kill her, Kill the girl!" The merchant struggled to yell. "NOOOOOO" Shouted Adolpho and started running toward Adriana. The thug shot Adolpho twice, once in the leg and another in the shoulder.

 "Quiet! Now let's discuss this like in a sensible fashion or let's just all kill each other, I have my preference, what is yours?" Said sully as he motioned to Nate to pick up his Wesson .44 and hand it to him. As Nate was handing it, the thug on the roof opened fire on Nate. Nate rolled away and took cover behind the jeep.  Adolpho lay 20 yards away bleeding badly. Nate knew this needed to end abruptly.  He had never killed a man, had only shot his first man earlier that day. The thug had a hostage.

 The Merchant was laughing and yelling to kill the girl, Nate was running out of time.  He popped up and pointed the .44 right at the merchant's thug. He hesitated and did not pull the trigger.  He knew he had to do something.  He took a breath and popped up again, this time he shot the hand that was holding the weapon. The thug yelled in agony and dropped his gun. Nate ran to Adolpho to offer assistance, grateful that he still hadn't had to kill another man.  As he got to Adolpho, he heard a gunshot, he turned around, the thug lay dead and now the barrel was pointed squarely at the merchant.

 "You don't need to do this, there are other ways to handle this!" Mentioned Sully

 "Not in this town!" Said Adriana, if we don't show these criminals that we will not stand for it, then this man will just come back stronger and meaner." 

"No, I won't, you have my word, I will give your family all my riches, whatever you want."  Pleaded the merchant. 

 "Like you, I am going to take what I want." She said as she pulled the trigger, shooting the merchant in the gut.  "You shall feel the same pain and suffering as my husband feels, should he live, then so might you."

 "Adriana, what are you doing my love? I will live, they are only flesh wounds.  You cannot undo your actions, think about what you are doing!" 

 "I have thought about it Alolpho, I want our children to feel safe and welcome in their own neighborhood, this cannot happen as long as people like this breathe."  Adriana then shot the merchant in the leg and the shoulder.  "If I were like you, I would walk away and let you suffer, but I am not."  One final bullet to the temple did the trick, the merchant fell over dead, the same begging look on his face that so many innocent people had when he terrorized them.

 A few days later, Nate and Sully were ready to leave town.  They stop by Adriana and Alphonso's home to say goodbye. Nate walks in the house, Adriana pulls sully aside.

 "It is funny, Mr. Sullivan, how I said at one moment I could never kill a person, yet I found it so easy to do when I felt I had to.  You have killed, yet you are not a monster. How can this be?" 

 "You did what you felt was had to be done out of fear, love, and anger. The merchant hurt people because of greed, hate and for fun. Do not compare your actions to those of people like them. Like me......."

 "Young Mr. Drake! Are you truly on the trail of the lost treasure of Peru?" Questioned Adolpho.  "What would you do if you found it? Would you retire and live a life of luxury?"

 "I don't know, sometimes I wonder if I truly want to find it, if I want the adventure to end.  I do know, that if I find it, the Church it belonged to will get a generous donation on behalf of you and your wife, additionally, your son shall have the best schooling and medical care available.   As for me, I would probably just use it to get Sully out of debt!"


 Well, that is it. If you read the whole thing you are clearly very bored!  I know I need to improve with my pacing etc., any and all critique is welcome.

You keep it classy Gameinformer FanFic Fellowship writers........thanks for stopping by!