Alright......................................So I have spent about 33 minutes trying to get a video to upload into the blog, I am frankly running out of time and have to get the kid ready for trick or treating. So a video is not to be!  I try and try and it just crashes. I already had the entire stinking blog written the first time this happened.  I am now uploading the video to youtube, but I need to get this posted, so I will update with the video later for those that care!

Happy Halloween one and all!  Hope everybody has a safe, happy, fun Halloween. 


Yeah, I am Teh biased, but this is pretty dang amazing!

Before I announce the winners, let's take a moment to recap TEAM GIO's journey through Extra Life 2011!

Extra Life as a whole raised over $1,108,224 just this year! That is more than the previous 3 years combined, in fact when we made it past the $1,000,000 mark it literally broke the ticker!  It steamrolled over the million mark before midnight on the 15th of October, this is very awesome! 

TEAM GIO was first teased in an early episode of the Indie & Mojo Show, episode 4, I believe.  It was officially announced on September 19th, 2011, about a month before the event.  We had some initial interest and Saint helped out by mentioning the cause and supporting TEAM GIO throughout the next few weeks with every opportunity.

Over the next 4+ weeks, our team numbers grew to 26, although Robot in The Corner signed up as one person and they probably had at least 4-6 participants.  Right away, some serious money was being donated, thanks to the early supporters!

Our first goal of $1,212.12 was changed to $1337 early on and was reached with a week still left in the event.  This is when things got REAL!  We raised the goal to a whopping $2,222.22.  While it took everything we had, we pulled it off by finishing with a total of $2,325.76! It is not too late to donate by the way, you can donate to any TEAM GIO member until Nov. 15th.

As a team we finished in 64th place, quite respectable considering there were almost 1700 teams!  Some superstars for the entire event include Kevin O'Reilley who raised over $15,000 alone.  The team that showed the greatest fundraising prowess was Trion Worldswith almost $40,000 raised.  Of course, Kevin and Trion had the luxury of having support of a PR department, something we currently lack!  It all goes to the same place so great job!

The main day of the event was crazy! There were people playing all kinds of games in all kinds of ways.  If you want a recap on how the day started, read this, for a play by play of the day, read the fragfest 8.5 forum.  You can also see who won the marathon day drawings on that page.  The event didn't end on October 16th for TEAM GIO, RiTC crew actually did their marathon on Friday October 21st!  Thanks to all the people that supported them in their livestream!

We had a contest for a custom logo, born4this took home the prize for his awesome logo and header image he made for us all to use.  This event was amazing and I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful community.



This was certainly a "banner" event!!!!



Special thanks to Annette Gonzalez for continuing to help grow the GIO community.  Annette is giving one of the grand prize drawing winners a signed copy of Rock Band 3 for Xbox360! That is pretty dang cool if you ask me.  We <3 YOU @amgo!!!!

The Matriarch of the GIO Blogging community!


Finally, I want to give a megaton of appreciation to Jack, the Quixotic gamer. He set the bar pretty dang high! Alone, he raised over 20% of our total, a nice, clean, smooth $500!  I might go add like $55.55 to that just to satisfy my OCD, which he will then need to round it out again to satisfy his!

I have had several people ask about the shirt signed by the GI staff, I will only say that it fell through and will not be giving specifics on any reasons why or why not. Sorry for leading you on, however I was fairly confident that it would happen at the time.


Alright, let's get!  It brings me great joy to announce our first grand prize winner as drmdrmddrmdrmddemdemdrmdemdemdrm chang!......Jack, the Quixotic gamer!  Let the rumors start now, and then watch the video! Jack you deserve to win something! After losing in 12 drawings on the day of the event, I am very happy you won!  You get to pick between the LoZ: OoT BDA action figures and the Tifa Advent Children figure, or you can pick a gift card!




Our Grand Prize winner is...............................TheBen, he may be a new name around these parts, but he is a winner in my book, literally!  I have sent him a message and hopefully he responds soon, if he doesn't then I will draw another name 48 hours from now.

So that's it! Hope you all enjoyed the First Annual TEAM GIO Extra Life gaming marathon!


You Keep it classy Gameinformer.........Thanks for stopping by!