I feel I should not even start this challenge as there is about a 11.1% chance that I will see it through. Frankly if all of the wonderful entries didn't amaze me so far, I probably wouldn't even be doing this one.  Also, I need to get some of that stinking spam off the front page of the blogs.....is there a moderator in the house?  I know you folks work hard, but I think I can speak for the rest of the community when I say that the vast majority of us would welcome some more mod presence in the blogs and news section.  Ya'll got the forums covered for sure!  Again, not intended as a slight, just an observation shared by several bloggers.   Like the Offspring like to say "You gotta keep em moderated eeh-EHH".


This is a challenge in the true sense for me personally.  I have not really imagined myself as a writer, heck I only started blogging a month or so ago.  That said, I enjoy the art of literature and really enjoy partaking in the works of others.  There was a period in my life when I really considered teaching high school English as a career.  Several consecutive terrible life choices later, the dream was lost.  It seems contradictory to say that I have not imagined myself as a writer, juxtaposed with a comment that says I would have liked to be a English teacher, maybe I just didn't like handwriting.  If you got a note in the mail from me recently for winning a TEAM GIO Extra Life prize, then you probably know my handwriting is terrible!

To the first query, the title says it all. I am kind of in limbo as a writer, I truly am in the middle.  I do not work on honing my skills, as I have no real desire to be so great that I could do it as a profession.  While I do now enjoy digitalizing my thoughts, I find it is more fun to do it through commenting on others blogs, articles, and conversations.  Alternately, I have found a real ability to express myself through podcasting, where I can cover several topics in one hour or so.  I like to write, sadly, it is not a passion.  The little free time I have, the preference is to play games, not write about them.  If I didn't have a terrible headache right now, I would be cape deep in thugs navigating around Arkham City instead of writing this.

Some of the struggles I face when blogging, well communicating in general, is being able to deliver a compact thought.  While I have improved, I still feel that I ramble at times and use too many unnecessary words to get a point across.  I need to work on making my thoughts concise enough to keep the interest of an audience that is quickly becoming used to people sharing their opinion in 140 characters. In fact, right now many are already thinking tl;dr!

Additionally, I struggle with confidence, Hist alluded to this in his WGWC post, and I feel similar to him.  Sometimes I try to lie to myself about my sense of self, but thankfully, I have great friends such as Shootist(have you read his excellent photo essay's?) who are willing to call BS on me when necessary.  Thanks Shootist!  As it pertains to writing, again communicating in general, I am trying to voice my opinion(which can be quite strong) while not offending anybody, this is very tricky, and I often resort to humor to do it.  My posts can be all over the place; I can go from serious, to sad, to clever to funny, to downright silly in a single topic.  I don't think that is what the professionals would do.  Being in supervisory and management roles for most of my working adult life, I have learned to look for win/win situations with every disagreement, and while I am good at it, there are times I just want to let loose and be completely one sided.  I find this shocks people to see that side of me!

This was the reaction after some heard a side of me unexpected on Episode 10 of the Indie & Mojo show....i truly am shamed and will issue a full apology next Tuesday!

In short, I always want to improve in anything I am doing, be it perfecting a dish, learning to not kill teammates in co-op, raising a child, or even blogging.  Writing is important to me in the sense that if I am going to do it, I want it to be enjoyable, entertaining and informative.  If I cannot accomplish that more times than not, then I would rather put forth effort in other endeavors.

To the second question, well the truth is that I do not hope to end up anywhere in particular.  What that means I suppose is that unlike many of the WGWC contributors, I am content doing what I am doing.  Probably the last thing I want to do right now is to write about video games for a living, which may seem like blasphemy to some of you.  I am old, have other priorities, I cannot simply move across the country if needed, and I certainly do not have the clout to tell the likes of Andy McNamara that I intend on working from home.  I would love an opportunity to work in the industry at some point, surely Valve could afford a personal caterer for their staff, or I could even work as some sort of HR person in a publishing or developing firm.  I do think I could contribute to the meat and potatoes of game production, I just understand that it is highly unlikely.

 I could see myself sitting next to Saint in Seattle at the Valve offices, writing one liners for the next big smart-ass Valve character!  In an ideal world, Shootist would edit and indiejones would do something(what does that guy really do anyway?).  Eyros would pop in to keep us on task and grounded, BHW would remind us of our roots, Jack the Quixotic Gamer would work harder than any of us and set the example. 

That last paragraph....that is why my writing is important to me.  It makes me a part of a wonderful community that I love, in addition to those noted, I could easily list another 50 people from GIO that I am more pleased if they read my writing than I would be if the GI editors read it.  I write to be a part of something bigger than myself.  To be a part, not above, that is what matters to me.  I know that many of the WGWC participants have the talent to make it, I hope that when they do get jobs in the industry, that they remember the communities that got them there.  Not just where you currently work, but the places before.

In true fashion, I have not even really answered the questions and am over the word count.  Thanks for reading, and remember to ask yourself what you did to help your community thrive today?  I have seen some excellent community focused efforts lately, let's keep that momentum going. Join FragFest, participate in the WGWC, get fit with Project Run, write some reviews and post them in the proper place so that it can grow.  Let me know when you post a new review and I will do my darndest to get the word out through the Indie & Mojo show as well as whatever other way I can, but you have to do them and I have to know about it!  Check out the great gameinformer community podcasts, including the newest one The Armchair Gamer .  Thank you all for all you do. 

Thanks for stopping by!


 This is a GREAT strip I just found, literally when searching for pics for this post! Check it out!

Thanks to NM Allen for this comic