I don't know about you guys, but I didn't sleep very well last night.  Maybe it was the excitement for the event, perhaps it was nerves as I am still hopeful we get some last minute sign ups.  We are a little ways away from our goal but I still think we will make it.


I just wanted to set up a bit of an infoblog on all that is happening today.  For the sake of not having too keep updating the blog, I am going to direct us all to the FragFest 8.5 forum to give our updates.  Prizes will be announced there!  If you haven't joined the FragFest group, please do!  For info on who is playing what and when and where as far as MP goes, check out the Frag fest 8.5 thread.

If you somehow have no clue what I am talking about, not sure how that would be possible but you never know, then read this and sign up here.

Turd Furgy will most likely be doing some running today as part of his Project Run, if you want to participate in that go ahead....STARTING TOMORROW!  Seriously though it is a great group and they are giving away some prizes of their own.  Check out Romars blog detailing the competition and prizes.

Jack and Dave(Quixotic and Blackhearted) are throwing down in a speed run of SoTC, winner donates to the other.

Speaking of the BlackHeartedWolf, check out his livestream here.  He has also started a #GIO1up thing that will apparently make something happen on twitter(sorry still not hip on tweetspeak). Special thanks to Dave for so much support and his ideas that are coming to life for Extra Life!

As far as the Quixotic one goes, he is going to harass everybody in his apartment building, he actually plans on charging them to play games! Brilliant idea.  He will attempt to stream here.  Special thanks to Jack for all he has done, he is by far the team leader in donations and he is also a strong vocal supporter of TEAM GIO. 

If you are interested in playing with Jack during the marathon you can join him in League of Legends (username: riverboatjack), teamfortress 2 (SteamID: jackalope38), Starcraft 2 (Battle.Net ID: Jackalope.143), or maybe if I play something on Xbox Live (tag: Santaga38).

The Stranger In Us All has also been hugely supportive and helpful.  With multiple submissions for the logo contest, the overall support of the team, and the fact that I am now rocking this custom avatar thanks to the Stranger, I would say pretty awesome overall.  Oh yeah, he(sorry if you are a chic, not because you would be a chic, but because I just called you a dude) also set up a chatroom for TEAM GIO.  I know many of us will be tweeting and what not, but a chatroom is another brilliant idea.  I will be using it as the first way of drawing and announcing winners so be sure to check it out.  Registration is fairly painless.

I will be trying to play with as many people as possible and I will be on twitter, in the chat room, and in the forum.  I apologize in advance if I do not respond to a comment or question right away as I will also be trying to play games and make sure my child and pets don't suffer!  I don't think I will be livestreaming though:(

Dean won the logo contest and selected a $20 XBL card, Stranger took second place and selected the other $20 XBL card, so those are now gone. Lots of cool prizes remain though.

Well peeps, i think that is about it. Happy gaming and I will see you on the battlefield.

We already have our first winners for the day!  The children who depend on generous donors like all of you!  Thank you all for all you do.  I have to legally use this tagline though or indie will yell at me....


You keep it classy TEAM GIO.......thanks for stopping by!