You are probably saying something like "Hey, doesn't indiejones post these"?  To that I say...get over it.

 It is true that Mr. Jones is generally responsible for doing the indie & mojo show blogs, however he is unable to do so today, so the task falls unto yours truly. I shall try to not disappoint.

We have a special guest this week, we called him Dave, you know him as BlackHeartedWolf, blogger extraordinaire and current holder of the 30/30 challenge record, although Blaze is well on his way to beating him.

Pretty tame week actually, Dave keeps me grounded so I don't go off course too many times.  We talk about Dark Souls, Rage, Gears, and actually some other games. This is probably our most game oriented episode to date.  Dave announces his next big blog project and it sounds cool(Thanks Saint for the Question!).

Extra life is mentioned and discussed, we have 23 TEAM GIO members and we are at 96% of our current goal of $1337, we plan on shattering that.  I talk about all the awesome prizes people can win during the event.  Also we shout out to the Brotrippers, Dave and myself along with several other GIOers had a blast watching them livestream last Saturday and Sunday night. I won a copy of Arkham City from those fine fellas!  Mastersnake won something and so did Masterassassin.....seems master in your name is lucky!  Other people won as well, but they escape the mojo memory at the moment.

Daniel yells at my son for talking, he was in the other room, my mic must be really sensitive. Daniel will be enrolling in anger management classes soon.  He's 10 Daniel, get a grip dude.

We are still giddy over the fact that GIOR interviewed David Effin Hayter!  Daniel says the competition is on and he guarantees an awesome interview in the future, it could be the Yoda voice guy.  Dave steals my shoutout and hogs the spotlight, but hey that is okay, he was the guest after all.

Oh yeah, we are on itunes! You ask and the indie & mojo show listens. Please subscribe on itunes if you feel we are meeting your entertainment needs. While you are there, perhaps you could take the time to rate us and do a review.  Daniel says to give us 5 stars, I say follow your heart.

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BlackHeartedWolf(Dave) was an awesome guest, check out his bio and his blogs.  He has some really cool community driven blog series that deserve a ton of support!

Music this week is by Wilco.  Check em out if you kindly would.

Please comment and tell us what you think of the show, we are always looking for fresh ideas and we love having community members on as guests.


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