(we have saved many game worlds, let's do some good here in reality)

Did you cut somebody off in traffic recently? Made a crude joke about a co-worker, lost all of your worldly posessions betting on the Denver Broncos? If so, you could use a Karma power up. What better way to do that than to help others. Like sick kid others, what could be more karmalicious than that?

Enter Extra Life, an organization created by gamers that is dedicated to raising money for the Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals. On October 15th, 2011 the annual 24 hour gaming marathon hosted by this group will go down.

Has your spouse, parent or parole officer been yelling at your for playing games all day for no good reason lately? Well here is your chance to throw the no good reason point right back at em. While your at it, ask them to donate to the event!

Here's how this little thing works. I have made a team account. This team name for now is called TEAM GIO. You can go there and sign up as a team member, the more people we get from GIO to sign up under this team, the more awareness we can bring to not only this awesome community, but the more money we can raise for the CMN. It is very easy to register and sign up.

(imagine all the kids that we could help to make smile)

This is a marathon event, so the idea is to get people to pledge money based on how many hours you game. For example if you hit up your grandma and she tells you she will donate $1 per hour and you make it all 24, then that is $24. Now realistically, most of us are not going to solicit donations from others. I challenge each person who signs up to donate $1 per hour for themselves, so if each person donates 24 dollars it will add up pretty quickly. Of course if you can donate more or solicit then by all means go for it.

If we raise a certain amount of money we will earn a t-shirt. It would not be fair for me to keep the shirt. I have been in contact with Andrew Reiner and it sounds pretty strongly like he is willing to help me out with the shirt. Something cool may come of this, but I cannot announce it now. Let's just say that some generous GIOer will get something very cool. I don't know the best way to decide who keeps the shirt, so it may be a drawing.  Or maybe whoever raises the most money?  Anyway, we will come up with some way of determining who wears the shirt.

(not the actual shirt, actual shirt is 20% cooler)

The goal I have set is for $1212, and I have so far donated a cool $22.22(i have a strange obsession with numbers needing to be uniform in some way).  The goal can be changed and I will certainly donate more during the event.  You can check out our donations as the update in real time

The event starts at 8:00 am on October 15th.  Here's the best part, nobody cares if you cheat!  If you can't game for 24 hours straight because the police told you last time that it was child abuse to not feed your kid(sorry Dylan), then take a break.  Heck I'm sure the kids wouldn't care if you played at all, but still you should sign up and pledge whatever you can.

So let's band together, let's show the world wide web that we game for a reason, for a passion.  We don't always agree on the games we love or the consoles we would die for, but we do agree that deep down we are good people who want to help wherever and whenever we can.

Can the bronies outraise the brotrippers?  Can the bloggers game longer than the forum lurkers?  Only one way to find out, you all need to sign up and play games and donate money.  This community is second to none, individually we might be able to leave a mark, but as a whole we are unstoppable!

There have been some neat things discussed by community members, the brotrippers may get involved, I know we will have support from staff as I have already heard from Andrew Reiner.  Some people have suggested streaming our gameplaying sessions, I think that is a great idea.  Whatever level you can participate on, please do.

Extra Life was founded by Jeromy Adams of sarcasticgamer.com fame.  For more on why he decided to do this check out his story.  Extra Life raised over 465,000 dollars last year.  100% goes to the CMN and all donations are tax deductible.

If Andy McNamara can give a KIDNEY, certainly we can give a few hours and a few dollars.

Keep it classy gameinformer.....Thanks for stopping by.(now leave and go sign up for TEAM GIO)

Your friend in gaming


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(Mario may have the princess saving under control, so it's up to us to help the kids)