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I have spent a rather large chunk of time with Monster hunter World since its release . Pouring some 60 hours in and still have yet to beat the story not because it is so long and fleshed out but because I get side tracked with bounties and hunts. With that being said however  the bounties and side quest after 60 hours have begun to grow stale I mean I have likely collected thousands of plants and culled thousands of smaller monster while you can just do it as you do missions I find my self stopping after a hunt and collecting everything I need for the resource center to get the armor spheres I need to up grade. It now has me wishing for far more variety in side activities.



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Hunts too are becoming predictable and thus becoming boring. At fist it was neat tracking the monster down seeing the various interactions between your prey and the environment between it and other monsters… after hunting the same monsters over and over and over again surprise gives way to pattern. I soon realized the monster behavior is very much scripted as with most of its interactions. Last night I helped a friend grind an Anjanath, eight hunts and two captures in a row it hit the point where I knew exactly where it was going what it was going to do when it got there and what other monster where going to pop up to “fight with it” while some might say “duh Jen that is what you are supposed to do learn the monster patterns” but to me it becomes less like fighting a living animal to fighting a piece of script “ though it makes capturing them childs play” admittedly I need to move on and encounter new monster that do new things to help revitalize me …but with new friends getting the game I keep getting stuck with these low level monsters…



The combat still sometimes feels like a chore. I have been forged in combat playing games like Bloodbourne Dark Souls NIOH Where combat and sword play is exact and precise, where if you miss the mark it is undoubtedly your fault. After 60 hours with MHW the controls have become more comfortable to me, I main a great sword and a small bow gun. The feeling of CLUNK has never fully went away though. The combat feels both weighted and floaty at the same time and when you are fighting creatures that are as big as a house and move like a cheetah it feels like a case of 70% skill and 30% luck. 60 hours in and the painfully slow item animations still irritate me to no end, sheathing your weapon to get a potion down your gullet feels like it takes a friggen hour and sometimes I will select my item my character will but her sword away… and then nothing  I have to flick it again to drink my potion or use the item.


The game world is starting to feel really small. At first it was like wow how am I supposed to find anything here? Now it is like someone says “I need flash bugs” and I’m like “ fallow me” again this might be a case of “DUH” but when a game asks you to spend 60 70 100 hours in its world 4 medium sized maps start to feel like one really small one.

In spite of the tedium I will likely spend at least another 60 hours with it I NEED ME DEM NEW RATHIAN BOOTS.